There's a pretty big movement going on in the gaming sphere right now as far as user integration and community socialization go and it's called “streaming”. This thing that probably appears to old people as some kind of hippy new-age thing, like Arthur Schopenhauer thought light-bulbs were some fantastical thing from the future, is taking the internet by storm, and while it's available on the PS4 and any PC user, it's an advertised feature that has been missing from the Xbox One since launch.

According to a report from Gamespot, streaming support for the Xbox One won't arrive anytime soon, and by anytime soon I'm talking about within the next month or so. The official Twitter account of noted the following about when support for the streaming service would be made available for the average Xbox One owner, saying...
"Xbox One Direct Broadcasting: There is no ETA at this time from Microsoft. Expect a few more months. If we know sooner, we'll update,"

This is about as up in the air as “teh powa of da cloudz” and external hard-drive support. The cloud was supposedly going to bring unprecedented features to the Xbox One, but outside of buzzwords and some hints at “offloading” resources to the cloud in Titanfall, Microsoft hasn't introduced much of anything that we don't already have on the market. The external drive support is another big feature that's also missing from the Xbox One's repertoire, along with the ability to manage your own disk space with the internal drive. The drive features are supposedly “coming soon”.

The Gamespot article also notes that there will be television or streaming achievements you can unlock just by watching other people play. Yes, you didn't think Microsoft was putting TV on your TV and not rewarding you for paying extra to watch TV on your TV did you? As noted in the article...
“Xbox One Twitch users will also be able to earn 10 media achievements, including Hipster (watch one hour of video on channels that have fewer than 10 viewers) and Best Viewer (watch 100 hours of live video), among others. Media achievements do not unlock gamerscore.”

Media achievements, eh? So I wonder how that conversation goes when you start comparing your coach potato skills to someone else “Nah man, I just binge watched 20 hours of some guy binge watching another guy who was binge watching some NSA guy watch another guy jack off all day.” Also, will they give out achievements if someone manages to spot an employee of the NSA? That's gotta be worth at least 100 media achievement points right?

Anyway, the competition – namely, the PlayStation 4 – already has streaming support. It was made available right at the launch of the system after the day-one patch. The only eighth gen console that doesn't have proper Twitch streaming and probably won't be integrating it is the only pure gaming console, the Wii U. Nintendo decided to avoid dealing with the NSA altogether, and I can't blame them.

For now, Xbox One owners can still use the upload studio to record and share videos across the Xbox Live social media metaverse. Now I'm going to do something about as rare as Jon Stewart saying something that didn't sound like it was influenced by a giant bong full of hash: I think the implementation of the upload studio clips into the store and game front on Xbox Live on the Xbox One is brilliant. It's pretty awesome clicking on a game and actually getting a collection of game clips in a tiled collage from honest players. It's the perfect way to see if the game may or may not be what you're looking to play. I really like that a lot and it's something I kind of hope Valve streamlines a little bit better into Steam, even though the community feature is already there.

Anyway, there's still no due-date on arriving for Xbox One owners, so you'll just have to settle with watching PS4 gamers uploading their Twitch streams... after you pay Microsoft to access apps like YouTube on the Xbox One, of course.

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