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A few years ago, PlayStation Home changed the way gamers interacted with the introduction of the brilliant altered reality game, Xi. Tomorrow, the mind-bending, community-driven excitement returns with the introduction of Xi: Continuum.

Xi is kind of hard to explain. An ARG, Xi primarily took place within the confines of the PlayStation 3’s virtual world of Home. As your avatar, you received clues, played games and worked with your fellow players to piece together one of the most elaborate puzzles ever crafted. And that’s not hyperbole. Many of Xi’s daily challenges required legitimate research within the real world or on the internet, including a crazy search to locate billboards spread across Europe containing pieces to the puzzle. It was a wild experience that had players coming back daily to progress the story just a little bit further.

Compete with characters, a deep story of mystery and intrigue, as well as the developers taking a crucial role within Home itself, anything and everything within Xi could have pointed to the next solution. Tiny details within paintings, small events within a common party space, the shape of a crack in the wall; Xi had you questioning everything you saw and heard while taking part in the game.

According to the PlayStation Blog, this newest run of Xi, Continuum, will take place over the next 47 consecutive days. Given the amount of holiday travel I’ll be doing over the next few weeks, this absolutely breaks my heart. You can jump in and catch up whenever you find the time but, given the nature of many of these real time puzzles, that usually equates to simply looking up the answers in a FAQ and plugging them in. The majority of the fun comes from logging in daily and working with the rest of the community to try to piece everything together. But the developers are promising an experience better suited to playing solo this time around, so maybe those who can’t keep up on a daily basis won’t miss out on too much of the fun.

Xi: Continuum launches in Home tomorrow. For now, check out this teaser video. And if you’re planning on playing, pay extra close attention to everything that follows. Chances are pretty good that the game has actually already begun.

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