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Here in the US, PS3 owners will not get their hands on the Kuro and Shiro limited editions of Yakuza 4 that will be released elsewhere in the world. On the bright side, they'll still get the bonus DLC included with those LEs.

All new copies of Yakuza 4 in the US will come with download codes for the following extra content:
  • Bonus costumes for Kazuma, Akiyama, Taiga, Tanimura, and Haruka
  • Survival Mode
  • Underground car park racing
  • The much-loved underground Fighting Arena
This DLC is a way for Sega to curb used games sales a bit. The codes for the content can only be used once so you'll likely miss out on these extras if you pick up a pre-owned copy.

GameStop is offering an additional reward to pre-order customers. They'll be able to download a Hostess Dynamic Theme to give their system a Yakuza style.

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