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While No Man’s Sky proved to be an overly ambitious space exploration game with an equally-ambitious release date, the inevitable seems to have caught up with the Hello Games team. Reports have indicated the game could be delayed. 

Kotaku has reported on the news saying a couple of their sources have notified them, letting them know No Man’s Sky could be delayed to as late as August. While it’s not a huge delay, surprisingly, it’s still a delay nonetheless. 

With a game as ambitious as No Man’s Sky with promises of adventurous travels across galaxies far and wide, it was almost expected that the game was going to be delayed. So in a way, we aren’t that surprised. No Man’s Sky is a science fiction game that gives the player total freedom to explore the universe, and that universe includes 18 quintillion different planets. Yes, that is A LOT of planets. The game is severely based on exploration and even rewards players with currency for exploring. And if the player kills too many life forms or takes too many resources, they may find themselves running into sentinels. 

No Man’s Sky looks like a gorgeous game with a vast gameplay experience unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And if we’ve learned anything from things like the Street Fighter V disaster, we know a rushed game isn’t really a game at all, but a total letdown. I almost feel good that Hello Games is taking the extra time to polish the game, because if the game is really as big as it seems, the worst thing they could do is rush it out to get it to the public only to have the public totally upset with the state of the game. 

Nothing has been officially announced yet from Hello Games, but they should know I think everyone will be cool with the delayed release. We’re all sure the wait will be well worth it. For more information or to keep up to date with Hello Games and No Man’s Sky, you can visit the official website