A new month has officially begun, which means Club Nintendo has a brand new batch of games on offer for players to enjoy in exchange for those sweet, sweet CN Coins. This month’s offerings include a hero in a green cap, a roll-happy armadillo, and a bounty hunter trapped on an alien planet.

Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo doesn’t have to worry about bringing out a new game console this holiday season because their newest home and portable machines are already rolling right along. Instead, the Big N gets to focus on bringing out new games or, in the case of this month’s Club Nintendo offerings, some great classics.

Every month, Nintendo rotates in a new collection of games to offer up in exchange for Club Nintendo Coins. Gamers earn these coins by registering their various Nintendo products, including games and hardware. You can also earn extra coins by taking pre and post-purchase surveys and participating in various special events. So long as you have enough coins, you can then grab games from the constantly-changing roster at no additional charge. Points can also be spent on various physical products like Nintendo-themed postcards, playing cards and stationary, but that particular crop of goodies tends to stay the same.

Besides, who wants a Nintendo calendar when you can get free games, right? And this month’s offerings are pretty nice. Last month, 3DS fans had the opportunity to enjoy the original Legend of Zelda as part of the Club Nintendo rewards. This month the trend continues on the Wii with the release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Hailed by many to be the best in the series, A Link to the Past takes players on a brand new (for the SNES days, anyway) journey across the kingdom of Hyrule, with the added bonus of serving as the perfect lead-in to the impending launch of A Link Between Worlds, the Past sequel headed to the 3DS later this month.

The second Wii offering for the month is a bit more on the abstract side, a little game called Art Style: Cubello. This unique game mixes puzzles and shooting, all in a unique art style (see what I did there?) that’s easy on the eyes.

If, however, you prefer your free games to be of the portable variety, then you’ve also got two games to choose from in November. The 3DS crowd can get their hands on Dillon’s Rolling Western, as well as the original Metroid.

Rolling Western puts you in the boots of a cowboy armadillo in a bizarre mix of a tower defense and driving game (if a balled-up, speeding armadillo can be considered something that you “drive.”). As for Metroid, well, I think that’s one game that doesn’t really need any sort of explanation. If you haven’t played the original, it’s definitely worth a shot. It’s hard as nails, but also amazingly well-crafted for such an early platforming action game.

Both Wii games, along with Metroid on the 3DS, will set you back 200 CN Coins. Dillon’s Rolling Western can be yours for just 150. All of these games will be available through Dec. 8, when a brand new batch of games will rotate in.

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