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Battlefield V Will Reportedly Include A Profanity Filter

For Battlefield V DICE decided to bring back the profanity filter, so those of you who want to play the game without worrying about profane words can hop into the game and enjoy it, all while not having to deal with bad words popping up.

Battlefield V's Grand Operations Will Be Available At Launch

EA and DICE came out of the trench to reaffirm that the information that was originally published about the delay of the Grand Operations mode was incorrect, and the mode will actually be available for all Battlefield V purchasers when the game launches.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Season 3 Finally Has A Roadmap

Star Wars: Battlefront II's first year on the market has been something of a roller coaster ride, but it definitely hit one of its peaks for series fans during E3 2018 with the announcement that a new season of content based on the beloved Clone Wars saga was in the works.

Is Star Wars: Battlefront II Adding Character Customization After All?

There's been so much controversy centered around Star Wars: Battlefront II leading up to and just past its release. A lot of it is nestled in around its previous monetary system consisting of loot boxes. Well, one of the ways EA could be fixing the game is through character customization.

Battlefield 1 Will Have A Closed Alpha For New Incursions Game Mode

Nearly a year after the launch of Battlefield 1, EA and DICE are gearing up to introduce a new competitive mode called "Incursions." Before they go live, though, players have an opportunity to enlist for an upcoming closed alpha.

Star Wars Battlefront II Closed Alpha Is Apparently Starting Now

Did you get an e-mail about the closed alpha test for Star Wars: Battlefront II? No? Well, some people are and they've been lucky enough to download the alpha, hop online and start blasting away in the upcoming multiplayer shooter from DICE and Electronic Arts.

FIFA 18 Gets First Trailer, Release Date

The very first trailer for EA Sports' FIFA 18 has gone live. The game is the next entry in the long-running series to make use of DICE's revered Frostbite game engine. The trailer outlines some of the gameplay while also giving gamers details on the pre-order bonuses and release date.

New Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Trailer Reveals More About The Game's Protagonist

A new developer diary was released for Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the upcoming release from DICE and Electronic Arts, which also has plenty of help from LucasFilms, Motive, and Criterion Games. The diary delves into how all of the studios came together to work on the story mode starring the new protagonist, Iden Versio.

How Much Bigger Star Wars: Battlefront II Is Than The Last Game

Electronic Arts and DICE promised gamers a true Star Wars experience with the 2015 outing of Star Wars: Battlefront. Gamers definitely received as much as far as audio and visual thematics were concerned, but there was a lot left to be desired on the gameplay and options front. Well, they're going to be addressing that issue with the sequel.

Battlefield One Update Adds Platoons And A Lot More

DICE's most recent spring update for Battlefield 1 adds a ton of new content for the game. The update is absolutely massive, and it's bound to make die-hard fans happy.

How To Get Star Wars Battlefront 2's Deluxe Edition Content, Without Buying It

Star Wars Battlefront II is set to arrive this fall, with a couple of different versions of the game already available for pre-order. If you don't want to pay for all of those extra goodies in the deluxe edition of the game, however, you can actually get your hands on them through other means.

How Battlefront 2 Will Tie-In To Existing Star Wars Canon

One of the things that Disney, Electronic Arts and DICE have been touting lately is that Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will be canon in the Star Wars universe. This was big news when it dropped, and now gamers and fans of the property alike are curious how Battlefront 2 will tie-in to existing Star Wars canon.

Here's What You Get For Pre-Ordering Star Wars: Battlefront II

Electronic Arts and DICE have detailed the pre-order bonuses for Star Wars: Battlefront II, highlighting the game's specials for those who pony up the cash early for the sci-fi shooter game due out this fall.

DICE Reveals How Battlefield 1 DLC Will Roll Out

If you're wondering what's next for Battlefield 1, the team at DICE's simple answer seems to be "a heck of a lot." They've recently pulled back the curtain on the next several major DLC updates for the game, as well as a calendar for the road ahead.

Battlefield 1 Is Changing How Ammo Resupplies Work, Here's What's Happening

DICE has taken a very, very different route to how ammo resupplies work in Battlefield 1. The result is Ammo Resupply 2.0, and they've explained how the new resupplies work and what's going to happen on the battlefield.

Here Are All The Winners From The Game Developers Choice Awards

In celebrating the games of 2016, another awards show took place shortly after the DICE awards were handed out, this time it was the Game Developers Choice awards. Unsurprisingly, many of the same games that were winners in previous awards have showed up again for the GDC awards.

Xbox One Just Added Three Major Titles To Backward Compatibility

You can just about set your watch by the new games being regularly added to Xbox One's backwards compatibility these days. A trio of new titles just went live, including a couple of first-person shooters and an epic fantasy RPG.

New Honest Game Trailer Kills Battlefield 1 With A Shovel

Battlefield 1 arrived amidst a torrent of compelling trailers showing off the game's campaign and multiplayer modes. But what do the folks at Honest Game Trailers have to say about EA's latest FPS romp? Let's find out together.

Battlefield 1 Review: Dice Found Some Great New Ideas In An Old Conflict

The new entry in the Battlefield series takes the game to a place few titles have ever been. How does the change in scenery impact the franchise? Let's take a look.

This Is What The Battlefield 1 Guns Will Look Like During Gameplay

After a Reddit user leaked a ton of information, including the entire list of Battlefield 1 weapons, one YouTube channel posted a video showing off all of the weapons in action during gameplay---and some of them are amazingly brutal.

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