Battlefield V Will Reportedly Include A Profanity Filter

Battlefield V
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Back in the 1990s, there was a common inclusion in most Mature rated games to include content filters that parents could use to limit the amount of blood, gore, and profanity that was featured in the game. Titles like Mortal Kombat and Duke Nukem 3D had these sorts of filters, even though it didn't stop them from courting all sorts of controversy. Years later games like Gears of War came packed in with a mature filter, so words were bleeped out, and the gore was toned down. Well, for Battlefield V DICE decided to bring back the profanity filter, so those of you who want to play the game without worrying about profane words can hop into the game and enjoy it, all while not having to deal with bad words popping up.

Polygon is reporting that the profanity filter isn't for the mature content featured in Battlefield V, it's for the players. According to the article, one player, in particular, asked DICE if the chat filter would return to enable players to individually mute other players. This used to be a common feature in many older games, where if someone was harassing you or trolling the comment section or using epithets you didn't want to see, you could click the person's handle and then mute them. These days the user options aren't quite as robust, and so players have been asking about solutions for individually muting players since the chat filtering option had been removed.

DICE producer Jaqub Ajmal noted that Battlefield V would have a profanity filter that will be available for the PC version of the open beta. So gamers who don't want to see profane words in the M-rated game don't have to.

Ajmal is asked why they can't just add the ability to mute other players rather than mute all the words, and it's mentioned that Battlefield players are supposed to treat each other with respect, and so they're trying to enforce the community to respect one another rather than let people mute other people.

Some thought this was a little backward since the feature has been in multiplayer gaming since the Mplayer and TEN days when games like Quake II were all the rage and Star Wars: Jedi Knight was coming up in the ranks.

Others continued to ask Ajmal for the ability to simply mute specific players, but Ajmal was insistent that the profanity filter was the solution that EA and DICE were going with.

Others also questioned the DICE producer about the use of the filters in relation to the game's Mature rating. Some questioned why add the profanity filter when the in-game characters use profane language? It's a good question.

Ajmal responded by saying that the in-game characters can use the language as part of the in-game lore, and so those words are okay, but players using foul words amongst themselves is not okay since it's in reality. We'll see how well this goes down with the _Battlefield V _community. Also, it will be interesting to see what sort of measures will be in place for PlayStation and Xbox gamers who may want to exercise certain restrictions on other players.

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