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Gearbox Responds To Lawsuit Alleging CEO Got A Secret $12M Bonus For Borderlands

After some wild allegations were made, Gearbox decided to respond and address them head on.

Gearbox Had A Hilarious Response To The Aliens: Colonial Marines Bug

Last year a modder discovered a bug in the initialization file for Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines. The bug was actually a typo in how the initialization files. Well, Gearbox Software has responded to the recent news about the typo and the company did so in a way that is nothing short of absolutely hilarious.

Gearbox Job Posting Hints At What's Next For The Studio

Gearbox Software is always working on something. It's one of the few development studios that constantly has something up its sleeve. Well, a new job posting for the site has detailed exactly what's next for the studio.

Gearbox Announces The Beginning Of The End Of Battleborn

Gearbox Software has had to make the tough choice of announcing that the beginning of the end is nigh for the company's multiplayer hero-shooter, Battleborn. The game only came out just last year but the studio is winding down development for any future updates for the first-person shooter.

How Hard Gearbox Is Working On Borderlands 3

It's been a long time coming, but it looks like the team at Gearbox is finally moving full steam ahead on Borderlands 3. According to Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford, nearly the whole team is on board.

Gearbox Is Taking Beta Signups For Mysterious 'Project 1V1'

Gearbox is working on a new game and, outside of it being called "Project 1v1," details are pretty scarce at this time. Still, it looks like they're gearing up to share additional details, as they are now inviting folks to sign up to take part in an upcoming beta.

The Gearbox/G2A Partnership Is Already Over

It turns out that Gearbox is as good as their word, acting on claims that they would cut ties with online marketplace G2A if they did not change some questionable business practices. G2A didn't bite, so Gearbox is abandoning ship.

Gearbox CEO Teases A Major Announcement For The Game Awards

Fans have been asking Gearbox Software what they've been up to lately and one fan asked about a possible Duke Nukem and Gears of War crossover. The response from Gearbox president Randy Pitchford was an interesting one.

Gearbox CEO Denies Battleborn Free-To-Play Rumor, And He's Not Nice About It

Shortly after publishing a piece that claimed that Gearbox and 2K Games were considering making Battleborn free-to-play this November, president of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, fired off a response on Twitter that both denied the rumor and reproached the original story.

Overwatch Branded Truck Gets Into Accident At PAX

It sounds like whoever was driving the Overwatch truck at PAX East was not overly watching where they were going, as the Soldier: 76 pickup smacked into another car.

Will There Be Another Borderlands Game? This Is What The Developer Says

Gamers have been asking and clamoring for a new Borderlands for quite some time. The audience was left a little lukewarm on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel but they're looking forward to another canonical, sequential entry in the shooter series... and Gearbox has confirmed that they're working on one.

Battleborn's Last Two Heroes Finally Revealed

Gearbox not only revealed who the last two characters are to join the Battleborn roster, but they also had them accompanied with two high-energy trailers that cover the skills and abilities of the last two heroes to make the cut in the upcoming first-person, multiplayer shooter game.

Weekly Recap March 23rd: Battlefield 4, Dungeon Defenders 2, Aliens Colonial Marines Patched

EA ramps up the promotion of Battlefield 4; Dungeon Defenders 2 has officially been announced as a free-to-play title and Gearbox unleashed a 4gb patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Gearbox Lied To Sega About Aliens: Colonial Marines, Says Developer

The finger pointing continues as the unfolding saga of clandestine antics – from one or many parties – has resulted in a lot of bad blood between consumers and the gaming industry over Aliens: Colonial Marines. The latest bit comes from another anonymous developer who says they worked on the project for about a year and a lot of the blame, they feel, should be placed on Gearbox.

Borderlands 2 Is Most Played Game Of 2012

Curious what game really has everyone's jimmies sparking out electricity and keeping a fixed smile on their faces? Well, if the headline didn't give it away, according to Raptr's statistics, Borderlands 2 has been the most played game of 2012, and not Diablo III, despite the strong start during the middle of the year.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Screenshots Show A New Kind Of Alien

Gearbox and Sega let loose a handful of new screenshots for the upcoming first-person shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines. While most of the shots are typical alien-shooting fanfare, one of the screenshots diverts from the rest and shows off a new kind of alien breed attacking the marines, which is very interesting.

Spike TV's VGA Nominees Announced; Halo 4, Borderlands 2 Lead The Way

The Spike TV Advertisement Awards...oops, I mean Video Game Awards, is coming up soon. To help celebrate the biggest, brightest and best-selling games of the year, the official list of nominees has been unleashed to the public, so fanboys across the interwebs can argue until the break of dawn, which game deserves more awards for poorly upscaling to 720p and barely maintaining 30fps.

Borderlands 2 Weapon Manufacturers, Skills, Characters Exposed

Two new video interviews surfaced detailing the gameplay mechanics, the weapons, the skills and the characters for Gearbox Software's upcoming first-person shooter RPG, Borderlands 2.

Borderlands Patch 1.21 Released; Fixes Multiplayer Issues And Graphics

Gearbox has updated Borderlands today with a new patch that fixes a host of problems that gamers have complained about since its launch, including the PC port-forwarding bug.

DreamKiller Now Available On Steam; Xbox 360 Version Coming Soon

News has surfaced that DreamKiller is now available for purchase via Steam and that the Xbox 360 version of the game will be arriving later this month.

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