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Tom Clancy's EndWar Online Alpha Test Gets Underway

A closed alpha test for Tom Clancy's Endwar Online has gotten underway under Ubisoft's online publishing label. The alpha is limited to a select few players, however some gameplay footage and walkthroughs for the game have gone live.

Heroes & Generals Update Adds A Ton Of New Tanks

There's a brand new update for Heroes & Generals, the free-to-play, crossbreed real-time strategy and first-person shooter game, combining the tactics and strategic warfare of World War II combat with the gritty, first-person experiences found current-day shooters.

Red Bull Battle Grounds Roster Unveiled

Red Bull has been very diligent in their support of the eSports arena and have been rolling out promotional content for their eSports tournaments throughout the summer leading up to the big fall showdown at the end of November with the Red Bull Battle Grounds bout.

Total War: Rome 2 DLC Charges You For Blood And Gore

If you thought that red stuff that flies out of a 3D actor's body when they get hit with a sword or impaled with a spear was a common trait for the gameplay experience, think again. Creative Assembly has unleashed a new DLC pack for Total War: Rome II that enables blood and gore.

Weekly Red Bull eSports Video Prepares For Battle Grounds Showdown

Red Bull released the latest version of their weekly eSports video series that covers the competitive nature of the electronic sports arena from their Training Grounds bouts leading up to the big dig at their Battle Grounds event in New York for a massive $50,000 payout to the winner.

Starcraft 2 Showdown At Full Sail Spotlighted By Red Bull eSports Series

“This is eSports” is a weekly series by Red Bull that spotlights and highlights some of the action happening in the eSports scene, specifically tailing Blizzard's highly lauded real-time strategy game, Starcraft 2. Former top-gun of eSports, Dave “Walshy” Walsh, interviews some of the players and sets up a narrative for the action that went down at Full Sail University.

Gamers, You Win: Total War Rome 2 Patched To Fix Every Major Fail

Gamers have been crying, moaning, whining, shouting and screaming a lot during the last half of the seventh generation of gaming, all with good reason. A lot of the AAA publishers have put it in their minds to rape the wallets of gamers with shoddy ports, shoddy releases, poor support and tactics so shady that John Gotti would have blushed with envy.

Red Bull's This Is eSports Video Takes A Look At StarCraft 2 Pros

A new episode in the weekly video series of Red Bull's “This is eSports” has been released, detailing a look at the players of StarCraft 2, specifically the eSports competitors who participated in Red Bull's training ground that took place over the course of the summer.

Red Bull Weekly eSports Video Gets Inside The Minds Of Starcraft 2 Gamers

A new video has been released of Red Bull's weekly video that follows former Halo champion David “Walshy” Walsh as he interviews some of the people behind the production of Red Bull's series as well as a look at some of the idiosyncrasies of the players to get their head in the game.

Total War: Rome 2 Controversy Spotlights The Poor Integrity Of Game Reviews

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later right? When you screw gamers over and bleed them from the inside out, leaving a gaping hole of desperation, anger and shame staring back at everyone unfortunate enough to see the victimized core gamer bent over and ravaged on the ground, the only thing you can expect to come out of such a thing is an army of pitchforks and torches.

StarCraft 2 Red Bull Training Grounds Live-Stream Underway

The eSports arena continues to gain steam and proliferate the market value of the eSports ring, bringing professional gamers into a more celebrity-filled light and basking them in the glory of their finger-skills. This weekend Red Bull engaged their Training Grounds that pits the best of the StarCraft II players against each other with a total of $6,400 on the line.

Leviathan Warships Gets Free Jazzy Boatman Commentary Update

Paradox Interactive really went for the hoops with Leviathan Warships. The low-budget naval strategy game managed to become somewhat of an uncouth success thanks to the risky but rewarding marketing involving the jazzy voice of the Jazzy Boatman.

Hardware: Shipbreakers Brings Next-Gen Planetary Scavenging To PC

One of the sub-genres in gaming that we don't get very often is scavenging games. They're difficult to make given the logistics of all the items required to scavenge and craft things, but when done right they usually have long tail-ends and a dedicated niche community. Well, Blackbird Interactive is trying their hand at the 3D RTS scavenging sub-genre with their upcoming title, Hardware: Shipbreakers.

Red Solstice Alpha Gameplay Videos Look More Complete Than Most AAA Titles

Now here's a game I'm excited to talk about. Ironward's still-in-development sci-fi, horror, action-RTS game The Red Solstice managed to kick butt on IndieGoGo and now it's kicking butt in its alpha form and showcasing a lot of great potential as a mixed hybrid Starcraft meets X-Com meets Alien Shooter sort of affair.

Company Of Heroes 2 Interview: Cris Velasco On Sega, THQ, Soundtrack Release

We're back for round two with the mind behind many of the most respected soundtracks to come out of this generation of gaming. Yes, part of the composing team behind Mass Effect, the composer from ZombiU, Borderlands 2 and Company of Heroes has more to share about his experience in the gaming industry and crafting instrumental sounds for the games you've grown to admire and love.

Hardware Announced With Debut Trailer

From the creators of the popular strategy game Homeworld comes Hardware. You could bill the latter as a sort of spiritual successor to the former, as Hardware focuses more on the ground-game elements of strategic dominance and exploration.

Strategizer: Art Of Defense Amps Up RTS Tower Defense Genre

White Titan Games recently added Strategizer: Art of Defense to Steam's Greenlight and it's a mixture of a real-time strategy game and a classic tower defense title. The object is to fortify your structures and wipe out massive waves of enemy units using various turrets, units and building management in an ever-evolving campaign.

Natural Selection 2 Free DLC Update Includes Weapons, Map, Better Graphics

If this article was about Battlefield 3, Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed, we would have had to truncate the word “Free” from the headline and then hold off as long as possible within the first paragraph to toss a price up (usually $14.99). In this case, there is no ridiculous price tag and there are no hidden gimmicks; Unknown World is giving gamers a massive update for free.

Company Of Heroes 2  DirectX 11 Screenshots Released

A new set of screenshots have been released for THQ and Relic Entertainment's upcoming Company of Heroes 2, the high-end RTS that will push the visual boundaries and capabilities of your rig to extreme new heights. The screenshots look phenomenal as some classic and not-so-classic weapons and artillery are put on display.

Natural Selection 2 Is Now Available On Steam

Unknown Worlds has just let loose the launch trailer for Natural Selection 2. Do you know why they let loose the launch trailer? Because Natural Selection 2 is now officially available on Steam for PC. If you can contain your excitement for just a few more sentences, you can see the game in all its aliens versus marine glory.

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