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Gamers, You Win: Total War Rome 2 Patched To Fix Every Major Fail

Gamers have been crying, moaning, whining, shouting and screaming a lot during the last half of the seventh generation of gaming, all with good reason. A lot of the AAA publishers have put it in their minds to rape the wallets of gamers with shoddy ports, shoddy releases, poor support and tactics so shady that John Gotti would have blushed with envy.

Blues picked up the patch notes from Creative Assembly where Total War: Rome II has been patched and patched heavily. Following the outcry against the travesty that was the game's original launch on September 3rd a month ago, Creative Assembly got neck-deep in QA and decided to fix the abomination that Sega allowed onto the market that received favorably fair reviews from seemingly crooked reviewers while being lambasted to no end by gamers and real video game reviewers like Angry Joe.

For anyone who put in time with the game or scoped out a play session that expanded beyond a few hours of cosmetic play, it became apparent that there were some glaring issues with the way the game played. You never would have expected as much from the glowing review scores on that broken down piece of paid-for-advertising garbage known as Metacritic.

Well, the patch notes explicitly address just about every major issue that gamers have run into, from AI to diplomacy to path-finding and even army formation standards and tactics when going against the computer.

The changelog is so long that listing each change is enough to warrant an article all its own. For paying gamers, that's a good thing. It means Creative Assembly isn't sitting around with their thumbs up their butts or trying to play the blame game like what happened during the Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco or the Street Fighter X Tekken disc-locked content controversy.

Anyway, a few more of the changes on the changelog indicate that AI construction has been improved, enemy AI infantry is much more organized and uses proper formations at the appropriate times, AI reacts and gauges player efforts to flank based on troop positions, and multiplayer has been vastly overhauled to better reflect a quality gameplay experience.

As mentioned, there is a list of fixes, changes, updates and upgrades for Total War: Rome II that would make any competent QA tester proud, and by proxy, any gamer feeling as if their money has been well spent.

You can check out the complete rundown of all the changes that Creative Assembly has rolled out for their real-time strategy game by visiting the official Total War wiki that details patch 4. Maybe now gamers can spend their energy playing instead of holding this companies accountable for the products they release. It looks like there are good times ahead for Total War fans.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.