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King Of Fighters 14 Is Launching With A Ton Of Characters

The King of Fighters series has always been known for its robust cast of characters. The series was a crossover series that featured characters from most of SNK's well-known fighting games all coming to duke it out in an annual tournament. The newest game in the series will boost the character count to 50 pugilists right out of the gate.

Metal Slug 3 Available For Steam Pre-Order At 25% Off

Run and gun gaming may not have gotten its start with the Metal Slug series, but it’s certainly one of the franchises to elevate the trigger-happy gameplay to the next level and, starting today, would-be mercenaries looking to kick the butt of evil can pre-order Metal Slug 3 for a discounted 25 percent off through Steam.

NeoGeo X Gold Console Hits Online Retailers This Week

It’s officially time to party like it’s 1993! Tommo, Inc. and SNK Playmore have today announced that their love letter to classic gaming, the NeoGeo X Gold console, is finally ready for prime time and will be releasing through online retailers later this week. To celebrate the console’s release and the 20th anniversary of the NeoGeo game system, Tommo and SNK Playmore have put together a brand-spanking-new trailer showing off what the NeoGeo X Gold console is capable of.

Blazing Star Brings Bullet Hell To iOS And Android

Classic Neo Geo bullet hell title Blazing Star is back for another round of quick flying and even quicker shooting as SNK Playmore announces it worldwide re-release on iOS and Android devices.

Greatest Moments In Gaming: King Of Fighters XIII EVO 2012 Finals

In case you missed it, the EVO 2012 fighting game championship finales took place last week and rounded out some amazing fighting game experiences. For those who aren't heavy into the FGC, one thing could easily turn you into a fan and it's the 2012 finals duel between two of the world's best players going head-to-head in King of Fighters XIII.

Metal Slug 3 Blowing Up iOS And Android Devices

One of the most beloved 2D run-and-gun romps, Metal Slug 3, is finally ready to dominate the world from wherever you happen to be standing as SNK Playmore has announced the release of this gaming classic for iOS and Android devices.

King Of Fighters XIII Slightly Delayed For Extra Polish

Throughout this generation of gaming we've been hearing, or rather reading, a lot about delays. The common factor for all these delays? "Polish". Yes, even games that don't have a $100 million dollar budget still get delayed so the developers can tack on some extra shine, and the same goes for the HD 2D fighter, King of Fighters XIII.

Neo Geo 20th Anniversary Celebrated With NeoGeo Station On PSN

A back catalogue of popular Neo Geo games are being re-released for the PlayStation 3 and PSP across the PlayStation Network, including fan-favorites such as Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, King of Monsters and Metal Slug.

Weekly Recap Aug. 15th: DreamKiller Trailer, Dragon Age Delayed, Halo Movie

From August 9th to August 15th the week was over-flowing with hearty new game trailers, news and announcements.

King Of Fighters XII Launch Trailer Now Available

To celebrate tomorrow’s launch of the game SNK has released some new clips of the fighters in a new launch trailer.

King Of Fighters XII: Age Of Legacy Trailer

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the newest, hand-drawn KOF, SNK and Ignition Entertainment have released a brand new legacy trailer.

King Of Fighters XII: King Of Fighting Trailer

SNK Playmore recently released a new trailer to showcase the evolution of the KoF series, as well as demonstrate some of the gorgeous new HD graphics.

Four King Of Fighters XII Screenshots

Today SNK released four new screenshots of their upcoming fighting game King of Fighters XII. While Street Fighter IV used 3D models, SNK's sticking with sprites for KOF and they look surprisingly good.

Xbox 360 Gamers Won’t Be Playing King Of Fighters XII

Thankfully, SNK has done away with the annual numerical values for King of Fighter games once King of Fighters XI came around and the new tradition continues with KoF XII. A new debut trailer has hit the press waves and we have it right here for you to see.

Fatal Fury 2 Comes To Virtual Console

If you just haven’t had a chance to get your classic 2D fighting fix with the new Street Fighter II Alpha Double Trouble HD Remix Extreme Funk then perhaps you should turn to the glowing blue line that calls from your Wii.

SNK To Release Massive Classic Compilation

Today SNK Playmore USA announced that it will be releasing a massive collection of their past hits under one disc titled SNK Arcade Classics: Volume 1, allowing players to revisit such fun and memorable titles such as Metal Slug, Baseball Stars 2 and Super Sidekicks 3. While there was no specific release date given, SNK has stated that the compilation will be released during the first half of 2008.

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