One of the most beloved 2D run-and-gun romps, Metal Slug 3, is finally ready to dominate the world from wherever you happen to be standing as SNK Playmore has announced the release of this gaming classic for iOS and Android devices.

Originally released on the Neo Geo back in 2000, SNK Playmore most recently ported Metal Slug 3 over to modern consoles, including the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. But what good is a war on terror that can only be fought from your living room couch? Now that Metal Slug 3 has been given a worldwide mobile launch, you can take all of that jumping, shooting and riding around in Slugs (tanks) with you wherever you go.

Along with a perfect port of the original Arcade Mode, players will also have access to a new Mission Mode for the first time ever, allowing you to pick which level in the game you would like to jump straight into. Given Metal Slug 3’s, that will be a huge help in allowing players to master some of the trickier sections without having to blast their way through earlier stages first.

You’ll also have access to a cooperative mode, letting friends join forces via Bluetooth in order to combine their efforts. Some of that difficulty should be alleviated with two over-powered shotguns blasting away on the field of battle.

Also, being a modern mobile game, you better believe all of your best times and scores will be able to go toe-to-toe against the masses via an online leaderboard.

Metal Slug 3 can be picked up via the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android devices for $6.99.

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