Greatest Moments In Gaming: King Of Fighters XIII EVO 2012 Finals

In case you missed it, the EVO 2012 fighting game championship finales took place last week and rounded out some amazing fighting game experiences. For those who aren't heavy into the FGC, one thing could easily turn you into a fan and it's the 2012 finals duel between two of the world's best players going head-to-head in King of Fighters XIII.

Now, I've always preferred SNK fighting games over Capcom for a couple of reasons: For one, many of SNK fighting titles enable you to guard cancel, super-cancel and special-cancel, this allows players to create a lot of technical parry, evasive and power move abilities. Another thing that I like more about SNK than Capcom is that SNK really respects the technical abilities of their in-game fighters, so it's not just about style but it's about the substance of that style. That may not make a lot of sense to non-core fighting game fans, but just watch the video below to get an understanding of just how technical King of Fighters XIII really is and just how amazing the fights can be, courtesy of IGN.

Wow oh wow. Was that not amazing or what?

I know we don't cover a lot of EVO news here at Gaming Blend as much as we could, but the excitement, the thrills and the technical prowess put on display in that bout was impeccable. That was just outstanding.

I'm not knocking how fun Capcom's fighters can be, but that video above just gives you an idea of technical the King of Fighters can be. Also, Kyokugen-ryu looked absolutely legit in that fight, with Takuma (also known as Mr. Karate) showing off some absolutely mad skills. Great showing, great showing.

Kim Kaphwan also looked good in that fight, showing off why he's easily one of the most revered and fearsome fighters on the roster. I'm glad both CafeID Mad KOF and IGL Bala showcased the true art of fighting in the King of Fighters.

You can learn more about the EVO 2012 tournament over the Official Shoryuken Website.

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