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It’s officially time to party like it’s 1993! Tommo, Inc. and SNK Playmore have today announced that their love letter to classic gaming, the NeoGeo X Gold console, is finally ready for prime time and will be releasing through online retailers later this week. To celebrate the console’s release and the 20th anniversary of the NeoGeo game system, Tommo and SNK Playmore have put together a brand-spanking-new trailer showing off what the NeoGeo X Gold console is capable of.

With an original release date scheduled for Dec. 4, the folks at Tommo and SNK Playmore weren’t too far off the mark with this week’s release. For those unfamiliar with the console, the NeoGeo X Gold doubles as both a home console and a portable gaming system for playing classic NeoGeo games, complete with a docking station that can plug into your TV or monitor via HDMI or composite cable, as well as a NeoGeo X Arcade Stick. When the console isn’t plugged into your TV, you can pop the system out of its dock and take your games on the go.

“The NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition is a system I have always dreamed of making a reality,” said Tommo CEO, Jonathan Wan. “That dream has now come true, and it is something that can be shared and enjoyed by fans all over the world.”

The first run of consoles will be the “Limited Edition” variety, offering a free additional game cartridge of Ninja Masters to go along with the 20 games pre-loaded on the console. These titles include games like Alpha Mission II, a pair of Fatal Fury games, Magician Lord and Samurai Shodown II, to name a few.

You can grab your console sometime this week for a suggested retail price of $199.99. So far, “select online retailers” is the only listing, which we’re guessing will include the likes of Amazon, etc. We’ll let you know as soon as we have confirmation on specific retailers once the console is actually available.

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