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Return To  PopoloCrois: A Story Of Seasons Fairytale Review: A Perfect Match

Packed with random encounters, a straightforward story and plenty of charm, Return to PopoloCroise: A Story of Seasons Fairytale manages the tricky task of mixing ingredients from two unique series in order to create a refreshing new experience that, for better or worse, feels like a return to classic gaming.

E3 2015 XSEED Booth Tour: From Japan, With Love

XSEED Games had a huge presence at E3, upping last year’s count of four games on the showroom floor to a total of nine in 2015. Boasting titles like The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, a pair of Senran Kagura games and a pair of titles from the Earth Defense Force series, there’s a little something for just about any type of gamer who enjoys a distinct off-the-wall Japanese flair injected into their digital entertainment.

Ragnarok Odyssey: ACE Gets April Release Date For PS3, Vita

Just in time for the real Ragnarok, depending on whether or not you believe in that sort of game, gamers can celebrate the end time with some good old fashioned monster slaying as XSEED announces an April 1 launch date for its (sort of) new PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita title, Ragnarok Odyssey ACE.

Valhalla Knights 3 Serving Time On The Vita Oct. 15

The clash of sword against claw. The cry of a beast as it crumbles to the ground. The shiny loot! Gamers can never get enough of fantasy-based JRPGs and, come Oct. 15, the latest game in said genre, Valhalla Knights 3, will be releasing for the PlayStation Vita.

Rune Factory 4 Gets 3DS Launch Date Of Oct. 1

Rune Factory 4 finally has a release date, and it’s quite a bit sooner than you might think. Set to hit the Nintendo 3DS in just a couple of weeks, on the go gamers can expect to rule their kingdom, harvest crops and dive into dungeons in this all new “RPG simulation adventure” on Oct. 1.

XSEED Localizing Six Games In 2013

There are some who would argue that western gamers are becoming less interested in Japanese games. Publisher XSEED, however, believes the exact opposite is true, announcing a list of six titles they will be publishing here in the U.S. throughout 2013.

Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows Haunts PSP, Vita Next Week

There ain’t no party like a Corpse Party and, come next week, the second game in the cringe-inducing, haunted school horror series, Book of Shadows will be available for download through the PlayStation Network.

Review: Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga

More so than any other genre, I think action RPGS are decidedly either really, really good, or really, really awful, and I think this all lends itself to the idea of actually stomping through a 30 hour plus adventure and feeling that you’re either satisfied with your quest or that you’ve wasted your time entirely.

The Wizard Of Oz: Beyond The Yellow Brick Road Announced For DS

XSeed is actually going to publish a North American version of the Japanese RPG based on the The Wizard of Oz, for the Nintendo DS.

Review: Flower, Sun, and Rain

The dialogue is bad, the visuals are awful, the story is just weird, the sound is horrendous, the gameplay is non-existent, and the FMV cutscenes make me want to stab myself in the kidney with a butterknife. I'm sorry to the people that worked on this DS version, but this is Suda51's worst work ever. I don't like this game.

Suda51's New DS Game Coming Soon

Apparently, a game called Flower, Sun, and Rain is a PS2 game that's getting a DS port and will be on the shelves of US retailers on June 16th of this year, as it has just gone gold.

Ragnarok Online Is Coming To The Nintendo DS

XSeed games has just announced that the epic, mythological Norse battle to end all battles will be coming to the Nintendo DS in the winter of 2009.

Valhalla Knights Seeks To Break Wii Shovelware Trend

Once relegated to the handheld PSP, Xseed has made it known that the series will be making an appearance on the Nintendo Wii.

Little King’s Story Aimed For Summer Release

The exclusive Wii title by Retro Game Challenge publisher, XSeed, has announced that a new title is on the way and this time it’s for the Nintendo Wii. The game is also scheduled for a summer release, just in case the headline didn’t make it blaringly obvious.

Review: Retro Game Challenge

Whatever the developers set out to accomplish, whether that be, "bring back memories of old-school games in a humorous way", "provide a collection of games that will last players a long time", or "successfully recreate good 'ole games", they succeeded on every front.

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