How The Morning Show Season 2 Resembles Game Of Thrones, According To Desean Terry

The Morning Show Season 2 got off to a rocking start, as Alex and Bradley’s bombshell announcement about network president Fred Micklin led to some widespread fallout throughout the UBA network. Characters left, positions opened up, and those who remained at the network did what they could to attempt and better their standing both behind-the-scenes and on-camera. 

Daniel Henderson actor Desean Terry likened the latest season to Game of Thrones, and it’s a strangely fitting comparison for the Apple TV+ series. I spoke to Henderson about The Morning Show Season 2, and Terry broke it down how this season resembles the acclaimed HBO series in a way that may not be that obvious.

It was very interesting to sort of see – and I think we’ve positioned these characters in such a crucial time right – where we start off 2020, and they have all their plans and where they’re going. The show has always been similar to Game of Thrones to me because everybody’s trying to get to the anchor chair, but then when we add COVID to it, we finally got the White Walkers involved in it [laughs.] It was just really cool and eerie to live through it. Some of the shots in the opening episode that Mimi does, this eerieness and this sort of sci-fi quality that happens to our lives.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure at first where Desean Terry was going with the comparison, but by the end, I feel like he nailed what makes The Morning Show one of Apple TV+’s best shows. There’s also no denying that COVID-19 could be this series’ White Walkers, as even the beginning stages show that the characters have no real idea what’s coming their way down the stretch. 

Desean Terry’s character Daniel made it clear he wasn’t too pleased about Alex’s return, especially after it seemed he’d finally get a chance at the lead anchor’s chair. Ironically enough, Daniel is in China in quarantine and desperately trying to get the UBA crew to understand how big of a deal COVID-19 could be. The opening shots of the empty streets of New York in the Season 2 premiere would imply the characters will find out eventually, but The Morning Show jumped back a few months in 2021 to recap what happened ahead of lockdown. 

Basically, the “White Walkers” are still on their way to The Wall but haven’t crossed over just yet. If COVID is the White Walkers of The Morning Show, what does that make Desean Terry’s Daniel? The actor shared his thoughts and picked the best Game of Thrones character he could.

Who’s the one that comes out at the end with the knife? Arya! Yes, Daniel is Arya. That’s who I’ll relate to.

I doubt The Morning Show’s Daniel Henderson will end COVID the same way Arya Stark ended the White Walker threat, but I like the comparison all the same. I’m also super invested in the seeds already planted for Season 2 and can’t wait to find out who ends up on the “iron throne” that is UBA’s main anchor chair. 

Catch new episodes of The Morning Show Season 2 on Fridays on Apple TV+ (opens in new tab). For more on the season and interviews with the actors, be sure to read up on our talk with Greta Lee, where she talked about her embarrassing first day on set.

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