Why Sean Giambrone’s Grandmother Can’t Watch Hulu's Solar Opposites Like She Does The Goldbergs

Yumyulack in Solar Opposites on Hulu
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Actor Sean Giambrone is delivering the laughs on TV on two fronts: as a live-action star of ABC's The Goldbergs and voice performer for Hulu's Solar Opposites. Both shows are certainly comedies, but sharing the genre might just be where the similarities end. Giambrone’s grandmother might know that better than most, as the actor revealed she just can’t enjoy Solar Opposites the same way she does The Goldbergs

Solar Opposites Season 3 drops for anyone with a Hulu subscription on Wednesday, July 13, and the cast spoke with CinemaBlend about their characters and the upcoming season. I asked Sean Giambrone if he’s ever encountered fans who watch both shows, and the actor noted that while his grandmother tries to watch both, it doesn’t work out so well for her when she gets to the animated comedy:

There’s not much overlap with fans of the shows. I know my grandma watches The Goldbergs, but with Solars, she’s like, ‘Sean I can’t believe the stuff you’re saying on this show.’ There’s definitely a divide [in fans].

Anyone familiar with Solar Opposites and Sean Giambrone’s character Yumyulack likely understands why that character is less palatable to the actor’s grandmother than The Goldbergs' Adam and other characters. Yumyulack, much like his fellow Solar Opposites characters, can be crude, irreverent, and violent at times. The show also hails from Mike McMahan and Justin Roiland, who first gained notoriety for their work on the popular Adult Swim series Rick and Morty. That type of humor isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re Giambrone’s grandmother.

Sean Giambrone continued to talk about his grandmother and added that despite her first experience with the show, she continues to come back to Solar Opposites at the start of every season. In short, she might tune in for Season 3, but Giambrone doesn’t imagine her binge will last long:

She usually gives it a try at the start of every season, but she doesn’t watch the whole season because I don’t think she can take it. Hearing what I say.

Solar Opposites Season 3 picks up after the show’s Christmas special from last year, which featured some truly hilarious moments that Justin Roiland could barely record. The trailer for Season 3 teased Korvo abandoning the mission to leave Earth and the family really getting into “fun” this season. Who knows what that entails, really? We’re talking about a household that thinks it's normal to keep a biome of shrunken humans living in a post-apocalyptic society in their bedrooms. Their definition of fun may differ from that of the average human being and likely isn’t in line with the types of things that Sean Giambrone’s grandmother enjoys. 

Season 3 of Solar Opposites arrives on Hulu on Wednesday, July 13. It’s just one of the many new shows debuting this summer and definitely one that audiences looking for something new to get into should check out. 

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