Subscribing To Hulu: The Price, What’s Included And Everything Else To Know

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If you want to watch shows like Only Murders in the Building Season 3 and all those other exclusive FX streaming series, then there is one place for you to go: Hulu. And although the streaming service has been around since 2007, there may be some out there who have never made the jump to the platform and want to know the Hulu subscription price, what’s included with the different options (so many bundles and add-ons), and other details before making a decision on adding another streaming service to their collection.

But trying to figure all of this out is easier said than done, so we have put together a quick yet comprehensive guide containing everything you need to know about subscribing to the platform, as well as all the new movies and TV shows on Hulu.

What Is The Hulu Subscription Price And What Does It Include

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Like a lot of streaming services, Hulu offers its members two subscription models: a more expensive ad-free version and a slightly cheaper option that’s supported by ads. 

But unlike with an HBO Max subscription, which doesn’t give ad-supported subscribers access to everything available to full-paying members, both versions of Hulu offer the same content and the only difference is the subscription price, which, as of September 2023, breaks down to $7.99/month for the ad-supported version and $14.99/month for those who don’t want to watch ads. Besides the price and amount of ads, everything else is the same and it’s easy to switch between the two at any given time.

Hulu also offers a student discount, but you have to be enrolled at a Title IV college or university to take advantage of the $1.99/month special pricing. It should also be noted that this is for the ad-supported model.

Learn more about Hulu’s student discount.

Wait, Wasn’t There A Free Version Of Hulu?

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You may find yourself asking: Wait, wasn’t there a free version of Hulu? And although the answer is yes, that version of the platform is no longer around. At one time, Hulu allowed people to watch the most recent episodes of select ABC, NBC, and Fox shows following an eight-day delay, but the streamer began phasing out that model in August 2016, per the Wall Street Journal. The shift came just as Hulu’s original programming took off, creating the version of the platform we know today.

But there is still a sort-of free way to watch Hulu but it does require you to be a student in order to be eligible for a  Spotify Premium Student account.. There’s a lot of fine print here, but the gist is that students who subscribe to the paid version of Spotify and go to a Title IV accredited institution (similar to Hulu’s student discount) can add Hulu (as well as Showtime) to their membership. And though Hulu is technically included with the plan, you still have to pay the $4.99 monthly fee for Spotify.

Sign up for Hulu through a Spotify Premium Student account.

What Comes With The Hulu + Live TV Option

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At one point in time, Hulu was considered a great alternative to cable for all those cord-cutters out there, but in 2017 the streaming service introduced a live television option. This would eventually become known as Hulu + Live TV and quickly became one of the more popular internet-TV options on the market. And while customers have not been thrilled with the price increases over the past few years, Hulu + Live TV is still a viable option with more than 75 channels including local news based on your location.

Like with the standard version of the streamer, Hulu + Live TV has two different options: a $69.99/month plan that also comes with the ad-supported version of Hulu and a $82.99/month model with the ad-free streaming library. Both versions include Disney+ and ESPN+. There are also additional add-ons available for Hulu + Live TV subscribers in categories like entertainment, sports, and Español. You can also pay an additional fee of $9.99 for unlimited screens.

Please note, the ad-free version doesn’t mean you won’t have commercials while watching live TV.

Sign up for Hulu + Live TV.

How To Get Hulu Bundled With Other Streamers

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Everyone loves a good bundle, right? Well, if you fall into the camp that likes to have multiple streaming services included in one price (which does make it much easier to keep track of your expenses), then the Disney Bundle is perfect for you. But what is included with this bundle and how much is it going to set me back, you’re probably asking about now…

There are three different options when it comes to the Disney Bundle. The first, which is called Disney Bundle Duo Basic, costs $9.99/month and includes the ad-supported versions of Hulu and Disney+. The Disney Bundle Trio Basic costs $12.99/month and includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, all with ads. The final option is the Disney Bundle Trio Premium, which costs $19.99/month, and includes the ad-free versions of Disney+ and Hulu, but ESPN+ still has ad breaks.

Sign up for the Disney Bundle.

Oh, And Don’t Forget About The Hulu Add-Ons

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In addition to all the great content that comes included with your Hulu subscription, there are also several premium add-ons that will open up even more movies, shows, and other programming. Hulu offers the following premium cable channels: Max ($15.99/month), Showtime ($10.99/month), Cinemax ($9.99/month), and Starz ($8.99/month). There's also an HBO-only option, but it should be noted this add-on only gives you access to HBO content and none of the HBO Max original shows or movies.

You can also add the individual streaming services from the Disney Bundle. If you want Disney+ without ESPN+, you can do so for an additional $2.99/month and vice versa for $6.99/month

Check out Hulu add-ons.

Hulu Supported Devices

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Before you get a service like Hulu it is probably best to check the list of supported devices to make sure the streaming box, gaming console, or smart TV you use to take in all your digital content can handle all the movies, shows, and other programming included in the platform’s offerings.

Here is a sampling of supported devices: Amazon Fire TV, Android phones, tables, and TV, Apple TV, iOS devices, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation (Live TV is not available on PlayStation 3), Roku, Samsung TV, VIZIO SmartCast TVs, Xbox, and select cable boxes.

All Hulu supported devices.

The Best Hulu Movies And Shows Worth Watching

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Once you get your Hulu account all set up, you’ll want to dive into all the great original movies and shows that are now at your fingertips. Below are some of the hubs that contain everything from Hulu original series The Handmaid’s Tale and Candy and movies like Good Luck to You, Leo Grande and Kid90 to the expansive FX on Hulu collection and the inspiring Black Stories and Pride Never Stops sections.

All in all, Hulu is a robust streaming service with a ton of different features, bundles, add-ons, and other services. Hopefully all of this helps you decide if the popular platform is one you want to add to your collection of streamers. And it also doesn’t hurt that some the biggest 2023 new shows and upcoming movie releases will soon call Hulu home.

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