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Solar Opposites' Justin Roiland Has Created Something He Thinks Is As Funny As Pickle Rick

Solar Opposites Hulu

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Solar Opposites Season 2. Read at your own risk!

Solar Opposites Season 2 is out on Hulu, and with its arrival came another exciting announcement for fans of the series. The Season 2 finale revealed a Christmas special in the works, and apparently, it contains a moment so hilarious that co-creator Justin Roiland compared it to one of the greatest works on Rick and Morty.

I got a chance to speak to Justin Roiland and co-creator Mike McMahan ahead of Season 2 and confirmed that yes, the upcoming Christmas special teased at the end of the season is real. I also learned that both Roiland and McMahan are incredibly excited to show this special to the world, to the point that Roiland hyped he had a moment in the studio that hadn't happened since he worked on the Emmy-winning Rick and Morty episode "Pickle Rick."

I will say that the Christmas episode in particular, is the first time since the 'Pickle Rick' episode of Rick and Morty that in the booth I couldn't get through a line. There's a particular line in the early part of this episode, it sets everything up. It's just such it's so absurd and stupid and funny that I literally I don't know, Ricky would probably tell you, the art engineer on the show, like, prior attempts of me trying to get through the line and just breaking down laughing. I'm like, yeah, it's such a ridiculous premise. It's so great, though.

I'll let readers decide for themselves, but if Justin Roiland had to read something so hilarious he couldn't get through it, I personally have to think it's pretty damn hilarious. He and Mike McMahon are responsible for some of the most entertaining animated television of the past five years, Solar Opposites Season 2 being included on that. The sophomore season of the series was so good that it's hard to imagine the upcoming Christmas special won't deliver the same laughs.

Mike McMahan (who is also the creator of Star Trek: Lower Decks) also hyped up the Christmas special considerably and indicated that Solar Opposites fans should buckle up come the holiday season. Though the special isn't finished yet, McMahan has an idea of a couple of ways it could be received.

I am so frickin' proud of our holiday special. It’s super fucked up and funny. And I think it's gonna be either a Christmas classic, or a notorious anti-Christmas classic. Because the Solars have their own interpretation of Christmas. And that will be coming out later this year. We're still working on it right now. But it is. It was all the energy and fun we have in the show but for Christmas.

No release date has been announced for the Solar Opposites holiday special yet, but I would assume it will arrive around or before the holiday season. As for what comes after, the series is already renewed for Season 3, which means more adventures with the family and another chance that Earth may be successfully terraformed by them.

Solar Opposites Season 2 is currently available to binge on Hulu. It's certainly worth a watch for any Rick and Morty fan looking for something to count down the days until new episodes, or just anyone looking for another quality comedy series.

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