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Worlds Of Marvel On The Disney Wish Has An Awesome Disneyland Reference And Kevin Feige Approves

Worlds of Marvel Miracles with Molecules
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In any new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie you can be sure it will be full of easter eggs that long time fans will recognize. When Disney creates a new theme park attraction, it will often contain small elements that harken back to those that came before. On board Disney's newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish, these ideas come together in a classic Disneyland easter egg inside a Marvel dining experience.

Worlds of Marvel is one of three dining experiences (that don't include $5000 beverage options) that guests on board the Disney Wish will take advantage of during their cruise. The story told gives us Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne showing off new Pym Technologies products while you eat. The show is called Miracles from Molecules, which astute Disney fans will know is the name of a song that was used as part of the Adventures Thru Inner Space attraction at Disneyland. I asked Walt Disney Imagineering’s Creative Director for Worlds of Marvel Danny Handke about the reference, and he told me how the reference came about, and how Kevin Feige's reaction ensured it would be part of the show…

With Miracles from Molecules, the connection between that and Ant-Man I thought was really brilliant. It felt like something Scott Lang would put in his presentation as his title card and his overarching theme song. It just made sense. And when we presented this to Kevin Feige, he totally got that reference and we knew we had to keep that in the show. I was very happy about that.

“Miracles from Molecules” was written by the Sherman Brothers, the in-house Disney songwriting duo that was responsible for the music behind Mary Poppins as well as many other songs in Disney movies and in the theme parks. Adventures Thru Inner Space was the attraction at Disneyland that existed prior to Star Tours opening in the 1980s. It "shrunk" guests down, not unlike Pym Particles, so that they could enter a water molecule and see what the world was like at the microscopic level. 

It certainly does fit in the program. “Miracles from Molecules” is a bit corny as the name of a technology presentation, and so it makes sense that Scott Lang might think it was a great idea. It is technically accurate of course, the demonstration of Pym tech that is at the core of the World of Marvel show is, after all, a miraculous way to change molecules. And maybe Scott Lang went to Disneyland decades ago and is a fan of the song.

While we never hear the lyrics to the song (I kept hoping Paul Rudd would sing it), the melody is present in a couple of different points during the show. It required a new arrangement of the song to be written, which was somewhat historic itself, because the song had only ever had the original arrangement for the attraction Witten by the Sherman Brothers. The new version blends seamlessly into the Avengers theme.

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The “Miracles with Molecules” song is available on Disney soundtracks, so even Disney fans who never had the chance to experience the attraction, like myself, are aware of it and will likely recognize it. It's one moment among several, like the first appearance of Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel together, that makes the Worlds of Marvel Adventure so much fun.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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