I Can't Stop Watching This Clip Of Adam Sandler Refusing To Say Brendan Fraser's Name Right Despite Him Correcting The Pronunciation

Brendan Fraser is a name that is one every movie fan’s lips through now, as the star of The Whale, who was just nominated for a Golden Globe is getting a lot of praise. But the question is, just how many people who are saying his name right now are actually saying it right? It seems the actor has one of those names that everybody seems to pronounce wrong, and even Fraser’s Airheads co-star Adam Sandler is giving him a hard time over it.

Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler recently say down to chat with each other for Variety, and while anybody who has been enjoying the Brenassaince, will love the conversation, one moment that has gone viral on Twitter is when Sandler starts calling Brendan Fraser, Brendan Frazier. As it turns out, this is something of a sore spot for The Whale actor, as he says nobody has ever gotten his name right. 

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This is a hilarious exchange because even Adam Sandler gives the actor a hard time, claiming that pronouncing his name the correct way doesn’t sound right. Although, it’s almost heartbreaking to hear Brendan Fraser’s reaction to how good it felt to hear somebody say it right, since so few people apparently do.

To be fair, we tend to see actors’ names written a lot more often than we hear them spoken, and we sometimes read names in a way we expect them to be pronounced, which may not be the reality. And if the person saying the name is getting it wrong when you hear it, there’s a decent chance you’ve gotten in the habit of saying the name wrong too. Fraser’s last name is pronounced exactly as it is spelled, but it’s a less common name, so it’s perhaps no shock that people tend to get it wrong. A lot of people commenting on the viral tweet are realizing they’ve been doing it wrong.

A lot of people are probably going to be getting a lot of chances to practice pronouncing the name Brendan Fraser properly over the next few months. Fraser is likely to be nominated for many acting awards for his performance in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale, which means that as his name is read out along with other nominees, and possibly again if he wins, we’re going to know exactly who knows how to say his name right and who does not. 

I suppose it might be a bit frustrating to win the Oscar when somebody says your name wrong, but at this point it looks like Brendan Fraser is used to it, and if he wins the biggest award of the year, as many seem to think he could with his performance in The Whale,  it will likely be an acceptable consolation for having to deal with more people getting his name wrong again. 

Dirk Libbey
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