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Oasis lead singer and renowned teetotaler Liam Gallagher has taken another potshot in his effort to become the most universally despised rock star of his generation. The victims of his soused wrath this time are former Libertines and current Babyshambles front man Pete Doherty and Keane’s Tom Chaplin.

According to NME, in a recent interview, Gallagher referred to the two as “posh lightweights” who couldn’t handle the drug-and-alcohol-fueled riggers of life on the road. “None of us have ever been in the Priory [London Rehab Center] like these idiots today,” Gallagher said. “They have one little line, they have one burn and they’re all in rehab.”

In recent months, Doherty has been something of a poster boy for the havoc that Rock and Roll excess can wreak on the life and career of a talented individual. Rolling Stone recently ran an article where Doherty smoked crack, took Ecstasy, and snorted heroin during the forty-five minute interview. He has been arrested numerous times and some think he may be responsible for former girlfriend Kate Moss’s recently publicized cocaine relapse. He entered the Priory to try and outrun the P.R. and personal nightmare of being photographed injecting a passed-out woman with a needle filled with God-knows-what a few months back.

Chaplin checked himself into rehab on the cusp of a world tour he knew he couldn’t start in his debilitating physical condition.

Gallagher certainly knows a thing or two about moaning over a well-written hook, but perhaps it’s time, after far too long, for him to look in the mirror and deal with his own demons. Oasis may have once been the most important band in the world, but that time has long since passed, and his shtick is growing tired.

We’ve seen far too many geniuses attain legendary status simply by not being mature enough to admit when they’ve had enough.