The Academy Awards are the pinnacle prize for professional actors. Winning the award means that you, at least in theory, gave the best performance of a given year. Great actors routinely give great performances, so it’s no surprise that many actors have been nominated several times. Probability dictates that if you continue to get nominated, eventually you’ll win. However, for some actors, the odds have been against them repeatedly.

To be in consideration for this list an actor must have received a minimum of 3 nominations in any combination of the four acting categories for which the Oscars present awards, they must have never won, and they must still have a chance of doing so. Sadly, Peter O’ Toole’s eight nominations with zero wins will never be remedied, but for these 10 there’s still a chance. So who are the poor souls in Hollywood who are still waiting to hear their names called after a dramatic envelope opening? Read on to find out!

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Leonardo Dicaprio - 5 Nominations
We’ll start with the elephant in the room, and the one most likely to be removed from this list first. Leonardo DiCaprio received his first nomination for Best Supporting Actor acting opposite Johnny Depp in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape in 1994. Since then he’s been nominated for Best Actor for Blood Diamond, The Aviator and The Wolf of Wall Street. He’s been nominated once again for The Revenant this year so maybe fifth time is the charm. He certainly has the popular vote behind him, but whether that will result in a big win remains a question mark.

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