This 10 Cloverfield Lane Poster Totally Blows The Film's Biggest Secret

10 Cloverfield Lane has been one of the most delightful surprises of the 2016 film year. It’s got a rock solid cast who carry the movie, and dramatic tension that you can cut with a knife. If you know anything else about the film, it’s likely that you know that 10 Cloverfield Lane tells you almost nothing about what it’s actually about. Unfortunately, if you live in Thailand, all of that has now been ruined as the film’s poster now gives away the twist. What follows contain SPOILERS for 10 Cloverfield Lane. If you don’t want to know, then do not continue reading. Instead, hang out and play a board game with our friends here.

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Ok, now that only those of us who have seen 10 Cloverfield Lane are here, we can talk openly about the film. Those who saw the film spent most of the film not having any idea what was actually going on outside the bunker. That was the point. Was Howard (John Goodman's character) crazy, or did something really happen? Or was Howard crazy and did something really happen? At the end we finally learn the truth, but in Thailand they already know the truth. And now we know what they know thanks to The Film Stage.

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We have to assume that showing Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character running from aliens must be viewed as a necessity in order to get moviegoers into the theater for this one. On the one hand, we feel bad for the people who would have enjoyed experiencing the twist at the end without knowing the truth. On the other hand, we feel bad for the people who are going to walk into this film expecting an alien invasion flick, and are instead going to get 80 minutes of three people living in a bunker before they see a single space monster. It feels like this film is destined to do poorly in any country where this sort of marketing is handled. While 10 Cloverfield Lane hasn’t opened in every country across the world quite yet, its foreign box office is a drop in the bucket of its totals overall.

How important was the 10 Cloverfield Lane twist for you? Did it change your opinion of the movie, for good or bad? Did you see it after having the ending given away? Let us know how that affected the movie for you?

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