Warning: Spoilers for Spectre are in play, so if you’re interested in preserving the experience, go see the film and bookmark this page for reference after your showing.

In the third act of Spectre, this weekend’s number 1 film and the latest entry in the James Bond franchise, a gigantic revelation is made. It’s a twist so big that the future of the modern Bond franchise will be affected by its existence. By time the film closes on its rather upbeat moment, involving Bond and Swann driving off into the metaphorical sunset, the world of the franchise has been changed so much that the set up for future installments is almost non-existent. Though if you look at the fallout of the film’s events, you can see hints of where the series is possibly heading. So take this warning as a last call for spoilers, as we’re about to blow the lid off of Spectre’s shocking turn of events.

The Twist
During a torture session at Franz Oberhauser’s desert lair in Morocco, it is revealed that Franz is Bond’s half-brother of sorts - as his father was James’ legal guardian after his parents died in a tragic avalanche. Jealous of how his father took to young James, Franz nicknamed him "Cuckoo," after the species of bird that forces out the biological offspring and supplants their place in the nest. Fueled by jealousy, Oberhauser killed his father in his own climbing accident and faked his own death - adopting his mother’s bloodline as his official identity. Franz Oberhauser died in his youth, but Ernst Stavro Blofeld was born in his place. The James Bond franchise’s modern run now officially has its Blofeld, as well as its SPECTRE looming over its every move.

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