Spectre's Big Twist, And What It Means For James Bond Moving Forward

Warning: Spoilers for Spectre are in play, so if you’re interested in preserving the experience, go see the film and bookmark this page for reference after your showing.

In the third act of Spectre, this weekend’s number 1 film and the latest entry in the James Bond franchise, a gigantic revelation is made. It’s a twist so big that the future of the modern Bond franchise will be affected by its existence. By time the film closes on its rather upbeat moment, involving Bond and Swann driving off into the metaphorical sunset, the world of the franchise has been changed so much that the set up for future installments is almost non-existent. Though if you look at the fallout of the film’s events, you can see hints of where the series is possibly heading. So take this warning as a last call for spoilers, as we’re about to blow the lid off of Spectre’s shocking turn of events.


The Twist

During a torture session at Franz Oberhauser’s desert lair in Morocco, it is revealed that Franz is Bond’s half-brother of sorts - as his father was James’ legal guardian after his parents died in a tragic avalanche. Jealous of how his father took to young James, Franz nicknamed him "Cuckoo," after the species of bird that forces out the biological offspring and supplants their place in the nest. Fueled by jealousy, Oberhauser killed his father in his own climbing accident and faked his own death - adopting his mother’s bloodline as his official identity. Franz Oberhauser died in his youth, but Ernst Stavro Blofeld was born in his place. The James Bond franchise’s modern run now officially has its Blofeld, as well as its SPECTRE looming over its every move.


What It Means For Bond

So what does this mean for James Bond? Well, despite his happy sunny ending, he’s going to be looking over his shoulder every day Blofeld is alive. We saw throughout Spectre just how much James feared that Franz was coming back from his past to haunt him, especially as he connected the dots between Quantum and SPECTRE’s organizations. He’s finally reached the end of the line, and learned that SPECTRE is a wide reaching beast that’s still in action. For now though, Bond will more than likely forego his license to kill, and enjoy spending time with the beautiful Dr. Madeleine Swann. Others, however, will have more pressing work to attend to.


What It Means For Blofeld

If you thought that Blofeld was pissed off before, we could imagine his incarceration, no matter how temporary it is, is not sitting well with him. Though he probably won’t have to worry for long, as we learned in Spectre that the organization’s usage of an octopus isn’t only a sinister look, it’s also a clue to how the organization is laid out. As you’ll notice, the octopus symbol is made up of eight prongs, with Blofeld being the head prong of the organization. With four of the seven lower prongs already being revealed / eliminated, there are still three that should be out there – making his defeat in Spectre a temporary setback. It shouldn’t be too long before we see Ernst Stavro Blofeld in action again.

00 Program

What It Means For The 00 Program

Yet again, the operations of British Intelligence have been infiltrated by a rogue agent – only this time, the mole was at the head of the pack, as Max Denbigh – also known as "C" – was the infiltrator. With MI:5 and MI:6 almost compromised by an agent of SPECTRE, not only will the "Nine I’s" initiative have to be scrapped, but the government will have to decide what to do with the 00 program. Which means it’s time for M and his agents to go underground, by becoming a black book operation. With limited oversight, and a just as reduced connection to the government, the 00 program can continue without worrying any elected officials about the fallout of a rogue agent / future infiltration.


What It Means For Madeleine

The beautiful and intelligent Dr. Madeleine Swann was last seen leaving London with James Bond, the two now officially a couple. Considering how much Spectre draws from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, we’re starting to think that Dr. Swann won’t be too long for this world. With Blofeld’s people still out in the world, and Bond now effectively making himself a marked man in the eyes of SPECTRE, Dr. Swann will have to watch her back as closely as James will. So if she doesn’t want to die, Madeleine may want to become a clandestine agent herself, possibly even becoming the first female 00. Considering how strong a character the good doctor is, we don’t think she’d merely hide behind James and cower for protection – especially since she already has some sort of training, thanks to her father.

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