While the initial reaction to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from the world premiere seemed to be strongly positive, that appears to be because the responses were coming from fans. The professional reviews were being held for release on Tuesday and when they hit we began to see a very different picture. Many reviewers didn’t like the movie very much. Some reviewers hated it.

When movie studios are promoting their movies in advertisements, they often like to pull quotes from professional reviews to bolster their claims that their movie is great. But then there are the other quotes. The ones that would never make it into a TV ad, and the ones the studio hopes you never see. Here are a few of the most vicious reviews that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has seen.

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Bad Bat
While many of the reviews have been complimentary of Ben Affleck’s turn as Bruce Wayne/Batman, even if they didn’t love the movie overall, that praise has not been universal. Matt Goldberg of Collider had little good to say about the new Caped Crusader.
The movie drags through its first hour as it carefully tries to set up the individual conflicts, and yet the only character it seems to actually develop is Bruce Wayne. Unfortunately, it develops him into the worst Batman we have ever seen.

If he was alone, that would be one thing. However, Tim Grierson of New Republic also has little good to say about that Batman side of Batman v Superman.
The template for how to make a great Batman movie laid out by Christopher Nolan in his Dark Knight trilogy—grounded characters, a somber tone, believable emotional stakes—has now been pureed by Man of Steel filmmaker Zack Snyder into this indigestible, posturing, two-and-a-half-hour mope-fest.

The reviews don't get much better from here. Read on!

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