2 Days In New York Trailer Shows Julie Delpy And Chris Rock's Quirky Love Story

Though the best known for her work in Richard Linkater's beloved dramas Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, actress/writer-director Julie Delpy has spun an unlikely sequel of her own from the blisteringly funny 2 Days in Paris. Taking place several years later and Stateside, 2 Days in New York has Delpy reprising the role of the awkward but lovable Marion. However, her Paris co-star Adam Goldberg is quite literally out of the picture, replaced by comedian Chris Rock, who plays Marion's new paramour Mingus. And things are good until Marion's family comes to visit, bringing their uniquely French brand of crazy to New York along with a selection of smuggled deli delicacies.

The film was among my personal favorites at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, displaying an absurd but relatable brand of humor that is gut-bustingly funny. While 2 Days in New York won't hit theaters until later this summer, you can get a taste of Delpy's rich sense of humor now, thanks to the film's new trailer, which you can check out below, or in hi-res at Apple. (opens in new tab)

Alexia Landeau and Delpy's real-life papa, Albert Delpy, return to play Marion's slyly judgmental, pot-stirring sister Rose, and her eccentric father respectively. And once again the three share an onscreen chemistry that sizzles into tension and brews into hysterical family discord. Delpy is of course a delight, but the greatest surprise of 2 Days in New York is what a wonderful actor Rock turns out to be. I must admit, when I first heard he'd be stepping in for Goldberg, I was dubious he'd be able to pull off Delpy's peculiar comedy style, but Rock nails it and shows he can do far more than the common shouting shtick he's so often called in for.

There's a lot of wonderful indie comedies making their way to theaters this summer, but it a point to check out 2 Days in New York; it's too terrific to miss.

2 Days in New York opens in theaters August 10th, but will be available on iTunes as early as July 6th.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.