These 2 Fantastic Movie Dance Tribute Videos Will Make You Want To Dance

Whether it's a spontaneous bit of dancing or a more choreographed number, movie history is full of great dance moments. And as it happens, the internet is full of supercuts, but the above video and the sequel that followed rises above some of the rest, thanks in large part to great editing, as it looks like the creator really took the time to fit the dance clips together so they line up with the song. Set to Men Without Hats' "Safety Dance," "We Can Dance - Hollywood Movie Dance Tribute" links Road Trip, It's a Wonderful Life, Grease, Mean Girls, Dirty Dancing, Silver Linings Playbook, 500 Days of Summer and quite a few other great movies together through dancing. And it all ends up with the Beetlejuice scene.

Beyond the editing, what I really like about Robert Jones' video is that he works some more obscure dance moments into it. Like Andrew Garfield's very brief attempt at dancing during the Caribbean Night scene in The Social Network:

Social network

And GIFed because it's one of my favorite spontaneous musical moments in a movie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt dancing his feelings in (500) Days of Summer:

500 days

The above video went up last May and has since racked up nearly 10 million hits, so there's a good chance you've seen it. But Jones has since done a sequel to it, which includes some other movies, including Billy Elliott, Mary Poppins, Revenge of the Nerds, Chicago and more…

I was actually hoping for a bit of Newsies in this one, but instead we got Swing Kids

Swing Kids

Still, Bale is Bale, right? Speaking of swing dancing, I loved the added snippets from Swingers and Blast from the Past.

And if we're comparing the second video to the first one, it looks like Revenge of the Nerds' Poindexter took the place of Napoleon Dynamite as the awkwardly awesome scene-stealing dancer. It also looked like they worked a few more scenes from classic cinema into this one, in addition to more recent movies. Between dance movies and musicals alone, there's probably no shortage of footage that can be used for additional videos, so hopefully these two aren't the last we see of these great montages.

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