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Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are quickly finding themselves becoming increasingly popular around Hollywood. After getting their start in in the business in the early aughts with the cancelled-too-soon animated series Clone High and serving as producers on the early seasons of How I Met Your Mother, the duo made their feature debut in 2009 with their adaptation of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and have been getting bigger and bigger in the film world ever since . After making the very successful 21 Jump Street last year, they've started work on The Lego Movie for Warner Bros., attached themselves to the sequel 22 Jump Street, and now they've set up a third upcoming movie project.

Much like Jump Street, Lord and Miller will once again be heading back to high school with their newest film, though they will be approaching it in a much different way this time. Variety reports that the duo is now set to work with Sony and produce the upcoming film The Reunion, a new original comedy set during - you guessed it - a high school reunion. While any further details about the story are unavailable at this point, one interesting aspect of the project is that Lord will only be serving as a producer while Miller will be both writing and directing. The project will be the first time in their Hollywood careers that one has directed something without having the other as a co-director.

High school reunions seem to be a growing trend in the industry recently, as this is the third movie announced in recent months that will tackle the subject. In addition to the Veronica Mars film, which will have the former-teen private eye returning back to her hometown for her 10 year, there is also the comedy Lawless, starring Bill Hader (who starred in Miller and Lord's Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs). In that movie, the Saturday Night Live star will play the head of his Middle America high school reunion committee who is forced to travel to Hollywood in order to make sure that the school's most famous graduate, a popular actor, makes it back home for the event. Veronica Mars is currently in production while Lawless is gearing up to start later this summer in Atlanta.

Excited as you may be for yet another project from Miller and Lord, we probably won't be seeing this one until at least 2015. Both The Lego Movie and 22 Jump Street are currently scheduled for release in 2014, the former in February and the latter in June, so the next few months of their lives are going to be very tied up. In the meantime, get your fix by watching the first, awesome trailer for The Lego Movie below.

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