The upcoming third entry in the G.I. Joe film series seems to be gaining some momentum. A new director, D.J. Caruso, is attached, and word has it that the series will essentially become an action vehicle now centering exclusively on Dwayne Johnson’s "Roadblock" character, who was passed the main hero torch in 2013’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

While the apparent elimination of the collective ensemble spotlight might seem to imply that the series will now simply consist of scenes depicting The Rock laying the smackdown on computer-generated evil, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the team dynamic, or classic concepts from G.I. Joe’s 1980’s "A Real American Hero" brand ,won’t be present. In fact, the recent report that old favorites, Tomax and Xamot, the "Crimson Twins" might be showing up as the baddies this time around would prove that the franchise that taught us that "knowing is half the battle" isn’t quite going to fade just yet.

With that established, we decided to pick 5 classic storylines from the "A Real American Hero" cartoon and comic books that could/should show up in the continuing G.I. Joe film franchise.

5. Kwinn's Honor Struggle
Before the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero animated series debuted in 1983, the pages of the Marvel Comics title was the only place to get your Joe fix. Filled with deceptively complex, nuanced storytelling by Larry Hama, one of the most popular characters early on in the run was an ass-kicking Inuit assassin and mercenary named Kwinn. (Inspired by the famous Bob Dylan/Manfred Mann song, "The Mighty Quinn.") Besides being fearsome-looking and regularly sporting a huge .30 caliber machine gun, he was a complex killer who, despite taking contracts with some of the underworld’s seediest, including the evil Cobra, also lived by a strict honor code, which often put his profession at odds with his conscience. This would gain him the respect of Joe mainstay, Snake Eyes, during their various entanglements.

While Hasbro never released a Kwinn action figure during the toy line’s '80s heyday, they finally got around to it some 31 years after his introduction in the 2013 Retaliation toy line. Having Kwinn show up in the new movie, battling, then gaining the respect of the Joe team would be an excellent angle.

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