Kristy’s Pick: Home For The Holidays
This dramedy directed by Jodie Foster is as engrained in Puchko Thanksgiving traditions as my dad's special brown paper bag basting method. Over the years, its just become a crucial part of how we prepare for having a house full of friends and family members, who we love deeply even though they might occasionally drive us to drink.

There's just no calamity that can arise on Thanksgiving that Home For the Holidays can't help prepare you for. Have you gotten bad news you'd rather keep from your parents while visiting your hometown? Take a cue from recently jobless Claudia. Perhaps you've got good news that you don't think they'll know how to handle? Look to newlywed Tommy! Are their tensions between siblings who chose to stay in the hometown versus those who didn't? Joanne will show you the way. How about a wacky aunt with no concept of what appropriate dinner conversation is? Well, we all need to stomach that, while trying our best not to giggle.

There's just no movie that quite captures the full bittersweet experience of this American institution the way this funny and poignant picture does. With a cast that boasts Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr., Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning, Geraldine Chaplin, Dylan McDermott, Claire Danes, Steve Guttenberg, and Cynthia Stevenson, the story of the Larsons is made vivid and relatable. And if your family dinner doesn't involve a turkey catastrophe, touch football feuds, or embarrassing run-ins with old classmates, then just kick back with some pumpkin pie and feel truly grateful as you watch this wild holiday film unfold.

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