Fifty years ago, John F Kennedy was gunned down while riding in a convertible alongside his wife in Dallas, Texas. He was a little less than three years into his first term as President of the United States and still only forty-six-years-old. In many ways, what Lee Harvey Oswald took from Kennedy was a second half. He left the politician’s legacy unfinished. He left thousands of what-ifs for historians, political enthusiasts and everyday citizens to ponder and created an environment rife for study and second guessing.

Fortunately for JFK, however, the man was able to accomplish quite a bit prior to his passing. In fact, he was able to do more than an overwhelming majority of us are able to accomplish during our entire lives. So, in honor of the former President on this, the fiftieth anniversary of his passing, let’s take a look back at some of the things that made him so special.

He Was A War Hero.
People like to throw around the term hero very liberally when it comes to war. After all, in some ways anyone who risks his or her life to fight to keep a country free deserves the distinction, but even if you want to use a very rigid standard, Kennedy was a full-on war hero. After his PT boat was rammed by the Japanese, he collected the wounded and swam hours to a nearby island to wait for help. Even more incredibly, he pulled another dude while he was swimming because he was injured and unable to support his own weight.

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