In theory, the only category that truly requires everything about a film to come together is Best Picture. In practice, every single category relies on the larger film it works within. Why? Because Academy members really don’t like voting for anything related to movies they hated, and they really like voting for everything related to movies they loved. Think about it like a restaurant. If the food is terrible, you’re probably going to think less, at least subconsciously, of the service, and if the floors are dirty, you’re probably going to be more suspicious of the food.

So, every year we see trends. Academy members will collectively like certain movies better than expected and the nominations will follow, and they’ll like certain movies less than expected and the support won’t be there, even in categories that were once considered slam dunks. We certainly saw that today. Films like Gravity, American Hustle and Wolf Of Wall Street strung together accolades in a ton of categories, and a few others, well, to put it nicely, the support just wasn’t there.

We’ll be covering very specific things about the nominations all day, but for the time being, let’s get generic. Here are five films Academy members really weren’t excited about…

Saving Mr. Banks
Tom Hanks as Walt Disney. Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers. A look back at the history of Disney. It all sounds so good on paper, but for whatever reason, the film didn’t connect with as many people as expected. Reviews were good, not great. Box office was good, not great. And apparently, Academy members thought "good, but not great", and that just wasn’t enough to earn many nominations.

Hanks, perhaps because he was expected to get an Academy Award nomination for Captain Phillips, missed out on a Best Supporting Actor nod. Thompson considered by many to be a near slam dunk for her turn as Travers, was also shut out, as was the larger film for Best Picture. You have to go all the way down to Best Score in order to find any love.

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