When it came to capturing real-life extreme sports, the upcoming Point Break remake really pushed things to the limit. Thanks to the assistance of some tremendously talented athletes, the movie features all kinds of daring and terrifying stunts – from riding giant waves to motocrossing along a mountain ridge. Perhaps the most breathtaking in the film, however, is a wingsuit sequence filmed in Walenstadt, Switzerland… and what you probably don’t know is that it was a hugely risky thing to shoot.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a special Point Break presentation in Los Angeles, and in addition to seeing extended footage from the film, there was also a panel discussion with star Edgar Ramirez, director Ericson Core, and base jumping advisor Jeb Corliss. During the event, the men went deep into detail about the making of the movie, and spent a considerable amount of time discussing the aforementioned wingsuit sequence. You can preview a bit of it in the featurette below:
Don’t think that looked too scary? Maybe something that you could do on the weekend with your buddies? Well, read on to fully understand why that would probably be a pretty bad idea without proper preparation.

Point Break
Nobody Had Actually Ever Done It Before
The idea of jumping off a mountain and hoping that a special suit lets you glide like a flying squirrel is petrifying – but it would certainly be significantly less terrifying if paired with the knowledge that somebody actually previously survived it at a particular location. In the making of Point Break, the athletes didn’t have that luxury. Jeb Corliss revealed during the presentation that the wingsuit stunt being performed in Walenstadt, Switzerland had never actually been attempted before. As a result, there was about a year of training necessary. The reality is that the production went into the stunt not actually knowing whether or not the jump could actually be done and survived. They simply hoped that it would, prepared themselves for it, and executed it for the film.

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