The trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching FIre that dropped during the MTV Movie Awards last night was far more thrilling than you'd ever expect from something promoted by the MTV Movie Awards. Instead of raving on about it for an entire paragraph, why don't we just watch it?

Fans may be a bit disappointed by the limited scope of the trailer, which only shows us everything that happens up until Katniss and Peeta re-enter the arena (it's also up for debate whether the film is considering that reveal a spoiler, though given how much they're likely to promote the character of Finnick, I doubt it). But in this exceedingly well-cut and surprisingly emotional tease, I think there were 5 strong clues about what we can expect from the entirety of Catching Fire. Let's dig in.


1. We're getting even more of Snow behind the scenes.
This was probably easy to predict given his expanded role in The Hunger Games, which diverged from the book by giving us a perspective other than Katniss's, and showing more of the orchestrations that make The Hunger Games not just a terrifying ordeal, but a televised spectacle. None of Snow's dialogue in this trailer comes from the book, but it all lines up with what we come to know about his goals-- and confirms much of Katniss's paranoia that he is out to kill her. Oh, he most definitely is.

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