We’ve all been there. The apartment is great. The landlord is great. There’s a gym inside the building. The neighborhood is walkable. Everything is perfect, except for the people who live next door. You hope. You pray they’ll see fit to move out, but after months and months of silently begging, you have to pick a lane. Either you can suck it up and deal with it or raise the white flag and move.

It’s a predicament Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are facing this weekend in the hysterical new film neighbors, and it’s one more than a few other movie characters have faced in the past. So, in celebration of the new film, let’s take a look back at some movie characters we would never, even want to live next door to.

It probably goes without saying, but the following article contains spoilers. Lots and lots of spoilers. So, if you haven’t seen the particular movie being talked about, just skip to the next page because we will be talking about it in-depth.

Mitch Murphy From Home Alone
For a significant portion of Home Alone’s runtime, Kevin is worried about his neighbor. He’s convinced Old Man Marley is gonna come by and clock him in the face with a shovel. Blame Buzz’s outlandish story about murder. Blame actor Richard Blossom’s intense beard. Blame whoever you want, but the truth is Old Man Marley is not even the real annoying neighbor on the block. In fact, he wields that shovel for good like William H Macy. No, the real annoying neighbor in this equation is actually that little shit Mitch Murphy.

It’s not that I’m opposed to curious little kids. Curiosity can be a sign of early intelligence. When I have children, I want them to ask me about anything that pops into their heads, but Mitch doesn’t even bother waiting for the answers to his obnoxious questions. He just word vomits them all out in a row like he’s in the middle of a Virginia Woolf novel. Do these vans get good gas mileage? Does it have automatic transmission? Does it have four wheel drive? I don’t know, Mitch. And even if I did, I probably wouldn’t tell you and your thick Chicago accent.

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