I just got back from Edge Of Tomorrow. Given three other people here at Cinema Blend ranted at me about how great it is, I wasn’t too surprised I enjoyed myself. That being said, I was extremely surprised at how often I laughed. In fact, once the film settled into its Groundhog Day-like premise, I’m not sure the smile ever left my face.

There’s a wit and charm to Edge Of Tomorrow that the promotional materials don’t tell you about. Early in Tom Cruise’s career, he was able to find the balance between humor and seriousness repeatedly. In recent years, it’s been a little more difficult. So, it’s time we took a few steps back and celebrate how Edge Of Tomorrow truly gets its right. Here are the 6 funniest moments in the film…

Spoiler Warning: What follows contains spoilers. It involves frank discussion about several scenes in the movie, and while it doesn’t walk through the plot blow-by-blow, there are enough specifics here that you should bail if you haven’t seen Edge Of Tomorrow yet…

edge of tomorrow beach
Just Let Him Die
Much of Major William Cage’s (Tom Cruise) early time loops are spent trying to save the other people from his squadron, all of whom die in various ways. The goofiest of those deaths belongs to poor Kimmel (Tony Way) who is crushed almost immediately after landing on the beach. Aft first, Cage tries shouting at him and pushing him out of the way to prevent the catastrophe, but after wasting energy on the dumbass and even dying himself, Cruise eventually decides he’s had enough and just lets the dude get crushed.

It’s a bit jarring. It’s one of those things you laugh at partially out of shock, but in the end, it makes complete sense. That fat bastard is going to die with his balls hanging out every time, and there are ultimately far more important things than whether or not he gets to survive an additional five minutes. So, let him get trampled, Major Cage. We would all, at least eventually, do the same damn thing

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