Mrs. Doubtfire
Mrs. Doubtfire
When we think of Mrs. Doubtfire, it's likely many of us automatically think of Robin Williams, dressed up as an older woman, dancing with a broomstick, beating up a purse snatcher or fanning the flames of his ample, artificial bosom. But beyond that layer of goofiness is a movie that exemplifies everything that made Robin Williams such a great entertainer. He didn't just make us laugh at -- and with -- his characters, he made us care about them.

The courtroom scene near the end of the movie serves as perfect example of who Williams character truly was. Daniel Hillard loved his kids. He couldn't fathom the thought of being away from them. And he was willing to go as far as to dress up as a woman if it meant spending time with them. The set-up leads to a series of great moments, ranging from sweet to funny, and all the while capturing some of the best Robin Williams had to offer, from different voices and impersonations, to great physical humor, to those meaningful, emotional moments that remind us that this is all about a dad who loves his kids. Few actors could have played the role of Daniel Hillard and Euphegenia Doubtfire as perfectly as Williams, balancing funny and serious in such a way that the story matters as much as the humor. In that respect, Mrs. Doubtfire not only holds up more than two decades later, but it also serves as a memorable, funny and heartfelt installment in Robin Williams' legacy. -Kelly West

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