So you've seen the Veronica Mars movie and now you want to know what Rob Thomas had to say about the ending. Or maybe you're curious about how Kristen Bell reacted when she found out she might not be the one to get to say a certain word? We're being careful with our wording here for those of you who may have stumbled into this article without having seen the movie yet. Please be advised, this article is full of spoilers from the movie and is meant for people who've seen it already. If you're looking for the non-spoiler conversations we had with director Rob Thomas and the cast, you'll find that here.

Up ahead, in addition to some not-so-PG-13 language, also find out why the voice-overs had to be rewritten, who might have gotten the sole F-word in the movie (if not Veronica), why Kristen Bell thought viewers might hate her after a certain scene and more spoilery tidbits about the movie!

F word
'Fuck Me Running' was just one of the unused F-word phrases.
PG-13 movies are usually allowed one non-sexual F-word. If you were paying attention during the scene where Veronica's getting hit on at the club, you'll note that the film made good use of that one F-word when Veronica tells Justin Long to "Fuck off" as he's trying to hit on her (or hit on her on behalf of a friend). From what Kristen and Rob told us, it sounds like a fair amount of thought went into not only how the F-word would be used, but also by whom. "When I heard that it might not go to me, that other people were going to get to test it out, I threw a conniption fit," Bell told us. "I said 'No fucking way, Veronica will say the F-word and that is the end of the discussion,' but Rob didn't know how he wanted to use it yet, and he wanted to allow himself options in editing, because he's a smart director."

So how else might the F-word have been worked into the dialogue? For Kristen Bell, an alternative F-word scene would've been when Veronica first sees the Serendipity picture and she realizes that it's a clue to the murder mystery. "She sees the 'Serendipity' on the boat in that photo," Rob Thomas explained. "And originally at that point, she said 'Fuck me running,' and it's a pretty great line delivery."

They may have toyed with the idea of giving the expletive to another character, but Thomas says there was actually no doubt that Veronica would get the sole F-word. But he did have one in there for Krysten Ritter's Gia. "I had to pull this out," he said. "She talks about Cobb and she says, 'He was just this weird kid reading Guns and Ammo and eye-fucking me across the room,' and that had to become 'eye-screwing,' because Kristen Bell was going to get the 'fuck' in the script, and at the end of the day, I just heard her telling Justin Long to fuck off. It made me happy. It was the thing that made me smile."

Us too! Speaking of things that made Rob Thomas happy, he mentioned loving the scene where Max Greenfield's Leo pretends not to recognize Veronica. Thomas said that scene made him very happy.

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