A year after fans came through (and then some) to make the Veronica Mars movie a reality, the film is finally ready for its audience. Last week, we had the opportunity to talk to director/series creator Rob Thomas and stars Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), Jason Dohring (Logan), Chris Lowell (Piz), Krysten Ritter (Gia) and Ryan Hansen (Dick) about the film. Because you may not have seen it yet, we've left out all spoiler-chat for this one, but they did have some fascinating things to say about the movie, including what it was almost about, whether or not they thought fans would meet the Kickstarter goal, the digital spinoff that's in the works, and what Veronica's up to these days. And for you LoVe fans, Jason Dohring told us how he and Kristen Bell reacted back during the first season, when they first found out Veronica and Logan were going to kiss.

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The Plot Almost Involved The FBI, A Tijuana Drug Cartel And An Assassination
The actual plot of the movie has Veronica on the brink of working as an attorney in New York when she's called back to Neptune to help Logan, who's suspected of murdering his pop star girlfriend. There's also a Neptune High reunion (Go Pirates!), which offers plenty of opportunity for familiar faces to make appearances. But Rob Thomas said that before they went in that direction, there was a whole other plot -- alterna-plot? -- being brainstormed that sounds like it would've linked to Veronica's planned (but unfulfilled) FBI pursuits to her present-day situation.

"I had this whole other plot, that we found her in the FBI and there was a San Diego politician assassinated by what we think is a Tijuana drug cartel," Thomas revealed. "And Veronica is sent there as an FBI agent." But he said trying to get that to dovetail with things going on in Neptune began to feel strained. So they went with the murder mystery, which gave Veronica a reason to return to Neptune, and just in time for the reunion.

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