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Aaron Sorkin Is Top Choice To Write Steve Jobs Biopic

Sometimes unexpected pairings of actors, directors, writers and subject matter make for the freshest and best movies. And sometimes, a match-up is so inevitable and right that it's pretty much the only option. Aaron Sorkin was the former kind of pick when he, a self-professed Facebook neophyte, signed on to write The Social Network. But since that movie earned him an Oscar and an even more high-flying career, his latest gig would be the latter: The LA Times

You might remember that Sony picked up the feature rights to the book two days after Jobs died on October 5. You might also remember that Sorkin penned one of the many remembrances of Jobs that followed, recounting the acquaintanceship the two struck up over the years, and revealing that Jobs once asked Sorkin to write a movie for Pixar. He turned that challenge down, but it's easy to imagine that this is one he might feel more suited to.

Of course, saying that Sorkin is being considered for a high-profile movie about a famous figure is like saying the producers are hoping to make sure it was good-- you'd have to be crazy not to want Sorkin writing your movie, and though he's considering the offer, there are no promises yet. Even if he doesn't sign on, Sony is unlikely to go cheap for the Jobs biopic-- they'll need it written well and going into production quickly enough to capitalize on the man's immense fame, which sadly, will only decrease the more time goes on. I'd love for Sorkin to take the job, but I'm sure he's not the only guy perfect for it. Can you guys think of any back-up screenwriters in case he says no?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend