All In - The Poker Movie Trailer Features Matt Damon, Chris Moneymaker And Others

Matt Damon in All In - The Poker Movie
(Image credit: 4th Row Films)

Poker continues to be a hugely popular game, and one that’s made its way into modern day popular culture, due in large part to televised poker tournaments, celebrity interest, and of course online games. The documentary film All In - The Poker Movie looks at the game of poker, from its initial rise, fall and major comeback in America.

Directed by Douglas Tirola, All In looks at the history of the card game from the days when it was played underground in New York City clubs, to its more recent popularity, which includes the online playing and gambling. While poker is played all over the world, from the looks of the trailer for All In, the focus of the documentary is on the history and impact of the game in America, as discussed by celebrities and poker players like Matt Damon and 2003 World Series of Poker winner Chris Moneymaker. Here’s the trailer, courtesy of iTunes.

Though my own experience with the card game doesn’t extend beyond a few casual games, and plenty of time spent playing it online thanks to Zynga, the subject of poker and its history in America is certainly an interesting one and judging by the trailer, there’s enough history to explore with the topic to make for an entertaining and interesting documentary.

In addition to Matt Damon and Chris Moneymaker, Phil Hellmuth Jr, Ira Glass, Frank Deford, Annie Duke, Kenny Rogers, Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer and Daniel Negreanu are also listed among the cast of the film.

All In - The Poker Movie arrives in theaters on March 23. It will be available via iTunes on April 24. Check out the poster for the film below.

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