Amazing Spider-Man 2 Viral Update Features An Easter Egg About Puma

The Daily Bugle viral site created for director Marc Webb's upcoming Amzing Spider-Man 2 has been the source for a number of cool inside references and teases for fans of the webslinging superhero over the last few weeks, providing hints about characters like The Enforcers and the Osborn family, but today they're offering up something a little bit more obscure. The site has printed an article about a certain wealthy businessman who has offered to donate money towards fixing Midtown Science High following the Lizard attacks (seen in the previous film). That businessman? None other than Thomas Fireheart, also known as the villain Puma. Here is an excerpt from the write-up:

An endowment to the New York City public schools system from Fireheart Industries will help pay for the repairs to the damage suffered by Midtown Science High as a result of Dr. Curt Connors’ rampage three months ago.Casino owner and businessman, Thomas Fireheart, presented the donation to the city school’s chancellor in an afternoon ceremony at the school. The gift of two million dollars will cover the entire estimated cost for repairs.

Puma was first introduced in the comics in 1984. During the day he is known as Thomas Fireheart, a wealthy industrialist, but the truth is that he was the subject of a number of genetic engineering experiments that resulted in his genes being spliced with those of a mountain lion. He works as a mercenary and assassin for the highest bidder, and the first time he is seen has him trying to collect a bounty on Spider-Man's head.

Does this mean that we can expect to see Thomas Fireheart/Puma on screen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Of course not. This viral largely exists just to expand the universe of what we see play out on the big screen, and is more of a treat for fans. That said, is it possible that he could be introduced in a larger role somewhere down the line? Absolutely. As confirmed when they officially announced plans for Sinister Six and Venom movies, Sony has big plans for the Spider-Man universe, and that expansion could eventually mean drafting in lesser known antagonist characters.

The film may not end up featuring Puma, but there are more than a few villains who will be coming together in the Spider-Man sequel. The film's main foe will be Electro, portrayed by Jamie Foxx, but also very much in the mix are Rhino (Paul Giamatti) and Green Goblin (either Chris Cooper or Dane DeHaan - we have no idea at this point). The trailer that came out last month also revealed that both Vulture and Doctor Octopus will be in play at some point as well.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 features Andrew Garfield returning as the titular hero and will also stars Emma Stone, Sally Field, Martin Sheen, Felicity Jones, B.J. Novak, Colm Feore, Sarah Gadon and Chris Zylka. See it in theaters on May 2nd.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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