Anabelle's Latest Trailer Gives Us Lots Of Ghost Lady Antics

You loved The Conjuring so here comes Annabelle, another horror movie ripped from the case files of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. You might well remember, Annabelle was the name of a cursed doll who factored into the third act of last summer's horror blockbuster. Now, she's got a movie all her own, and you can get a pretty good look at her and the demon attached to her in the trailer above.

Penned by Bloodmonkey and Swamp Devil scribe Gary Dauberman, Annabelle centers on a young family whose lives take a terrible turn when an eerie home invader terrorizes them, and then bleeds to death on the creepy doll they've voluntarily brought into their home. From there, they can't escape this undead visitor who seems hell-bent on their annihilation. Annabelle Wallis stars as Mia, who is pregnant with her first child. Ward Horton plays husband John, while Eric Ladin takes the role of Pete Higgins. And the wonderful Alfre Woodard shoulders the part of the mystical Evelyn in John R. Leonetti's follow-up to The Butterfly Effect 2.

Are you impressed with this Annabelle trailer? Because I'm not. The starting point of "haunted doll" is one you could do so much with, and yet Warner Bros seems content to stick to convention, studding this trailer with predictable jump scares, shots of a marred doll, and a villainess who wears the uniform long dark hair and long white dress. Linked to The Conjuring, this spin-off could have taken some major risks and still have pulled in a worthwhile audience. Instead, it seems like they rushed a movie into production that is so standard, I am pretty sure we've already seen it.

Additionally disappointing, this trailer did little to build on the teaser from last month.

The teaser gave us a more detailed look at the inciting incident of Annabelle's conflict, and frankly it was scarier. It teased the possibility of a haunting by this dangerous woman, but didn't give up the goods. Now the trailer up top has, and it seems like they're rotten.

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Annabelle opens October 3rd.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.