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Angry Birds Movie Moves Forward With Despicable Me Producer

While Angry Birds was certainly a major craze for quite a long time, it's not really in the zeitgeist nearly as much as it used to be anymore. Back in 2010 you couldn't go into a crowded area without seeing somebody using their finger to pull back a slingshot and fire a little bird at a bunch of egg-stealing pigs, but since then other game apps have come to prominence and taken over the spotlight. So needless to say it's interesting that they are still working to develop a movie based on the property that won't actually get to theaters until four years from now.

Variety is reporting that the in-development Angry Birds film took another step forward today as it was announced that producer John Cohen, best known for his work on Illumination Entertainment's Despicable Me, has come aboard to shepherd the game-based project to get it ready for a release in summer 2016. Talk about a feature version of the app first began in 2010 when the developing company, Rovio, began its search for a studio to make the movie. In July it was revealed that David Maisel, the former Marvel Studios chairman, had come aboard as well to serve as an executive producer. The latest trade report doesn't mention a script or even a screenwriter, but that's likely the next step to be taken.

The most recent version of the game, Angry Birds: Star Wars, was released on November 8, 2012. The series has already produced a pair of animated specials for Nickelodeon Extra, making Angry Birds: Wreck The Halls for Christmas 2011 and Angry Birds Space in March of this year.

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