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Anna Kendrick Will Hit The Town In New Comedy Drinking Buddies

Anna Kendrick hates being idle. She’s released nine movies in the last three years and somehow has a further six either waiting to be released or in post-production. Whether she can thank her twenty-six-year-old energy or her excitement at becoming a movie star is unclear. Either way, you’ll see a ton of her in the coming year, and if this latest news is any indication, her pace won’t slow anytime soon.

According to Deadline, Kendrick has just been cast as the lead in the new indie comedy Drinking Buddies. We know almost nothing about the project; so, let me get the few details we have been given out of the way before making wild, baseless predictions. The film will be directed by Joe Swanberg, produced by Andrea Roa, Anish Savajani and Alica van Couvering and shot on location in Chicago. That’s all we’ve got, but given the title, we can make a few guesses.

The term “drinking buddy” is generally used as a negative way to describe a male friend who is a bit of a drunk and a bad influence. Given Kendrick’s lady-ness, that leaves three possibilities. These drinking buddies could be a mixed group who hit up the bars after work with Kendrick as the principal protagonist. These drinking buddies could be a close-knit collection of ladies who party a little too hard, which would make sense given the success of Bridesmaids or the title drinking buddies could be the standard dudes with Kendrick playing one of their pissed off wives. For her sake and the sake of the audience, I really hope it’s not the third one.

When we get some real details, we’ll make sure to bring them to you. Until then, you can see (or hear) Kendrick in the upcoming films Pitch Perfect and ParaNorman.

Mack Rawden

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