Anne Hathaway Describes Her Dark Knight Rises Workout, Defends The Catwoman Costume

It's been Anne Hathaway week on the Internet, as the actress hits New York to do press for One Day with the reveal of her Catwoman character image fresh in our minds and her stunt double knocking down cameras back on the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises. It's hard to get too many details out of anyone involved in the next Batman movie, but during roundtables this morning I did get Hathaway to bust out a complicated baking metaphor to describe her experience making her first action movie, and also fess up that she's got not one but two stunt doubles working out there-- one of them a workout buddy she calls "really inspiring."

In addition, MTV sat down with Hathaway and talked to her about the online reaction to the Catwoman costume, promising the people who felt "meh" about it that "you only see about one-tenth of what that suit can do." Check out both the baking metaphor and the MTV video below, as we continue to press Anne Hathaway for details about The Dark Knight Rises and getting scraps in return. I'll have much more from the One Day press day, including the rest of this interview with Hathaway, next week.

How are you taking to action?

Honestly, and I don't mean to sound arrogant-- like a fish to water. I adore it. I absolutely love it. It's kind of for me the difference between cooking and baking. Acting is more like cooking, where you're like "How does this taste?"--you've got to feel it a little more. Baking, you put a cup of flour in there, and everything's going to turn out ok. If you measure correctly and make it with love it's going to be delicious. And that's what I love about action, there's noticeable results. Do this many sit-ups and you'll be able to get your leg higher. And I'm probably able to have such a nice time because my stunt team is off the hook amazing. My stunt double is the coolest, toughest, sweetest woman I've ever met.

We've seen pictures of her online [like these].

That's my bike stunt double. I have a fighting double too, and she's the coolest. We've been working out together and it's really inspiring to see a girl work out tougher than the boys.

Do you have to do certain kinds of workouts or choreography to get into the mindset of action?

They've given me a martial arts exercise that I have to do all the time to teach me grace and proper stance and fluid movement. It looks so gentle, but when you're actually doing fight choreography it's "Oh my gosh, that's actually a block." Oh, I'm hitting somebody's throat right now. It's been a lot of fun, it's been a new challenge. I'd really like to do a lot more of it. It's not something I ever thought I'd do.

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Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend