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I’d never heard of the band Anvil until someone made a documentary about them called Anvil! The Story of Anvil, so now of course everyone must run around and pretend that they’ve been Anvil fans forever and knew all about them and oh my god how could you not? That sudden adoration for a band no one cared about until this year apparently extended to the folks behind The Green Hornet because they’ve cast the musicians turned documentary stars in their superhero film.

The LA Times says that on Wednesday the band filmed a cameo for the Gondry film in which they play a rock club and, quite literally, explode. I guess they drank dynamite or something. Hey, I hear they’re pretty fucking hardcore.

So here’s my question: Does that mean The Green Hornet is a period movie? I ask because he drives a classic car, seems to spend a lot of time wearing a rather 70sish 3-piece suit, and now the Green Hornet goes to a rock show starring a metal band which not only plays a style of music which stopped being relevant more than twenty years ago but which itself really stopped mattering a couple of decades ago as well. Could The Green Hornet be some sort of 80s flick? If so, sounds good. Count me in man. The 80s need more hair-metal superheroes.