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Now that Paranormal Activity is the hot new low-budget thing, there are people everywhere trying to figure out a way to profit off the same exact formula. There's a Paranormal Activity 2 in the works, of course, which seems to be mostly the brainchild of greedy Paramount execs. But then director Oren Peli is also working on his next project, and if Latino Review is to be believed, it's as much as Paranormal Activity knockoff as the next idea.

A tipster got their hands on the script treatment for Area 51, Peli's new project in production right now, and apparently "In many ways Paranormal Activity is to the first Saw film as Area 51 is to the first sequel." As in, the first film had some good, exciting ideas, and the next one beats them all into the ground.

The tipster continues, "I enjoyed Paranormal Activity and I’m not opposed to alien films in general. It’s just that I fear that every year Halloween will roll around and we’ll have another low budget supernatural thriller, shot on a handycam, from the mind of Oren Peli. Two years from now we’ll be seeing a fake documentary about a group of people looking for the Loch Ness Monster or, god forbid, vampires."

You can head over there for more specific details about the plot, though it's all pretty much a logical expansion on the premise of three guys determined to discover secrets within Area 51. And since the movie will be shot in the same improvisational manner as Paranormal Activity, the script is really just a summary of scenes and props-- it goes without saying that there's a lot of room for things to change in the shooting process. But there's a fine line between tweaking your own formula for further success, and simply repeating yourself. Exactly where does Peli stand?