Ari Gold Sells Cars

Jeremy Piven is rapidly approaching the status of carrying “the man” as part of his name, an honorific title previously bestowed on Edward James Olmos and Bruce Campbell. Much like the other two actors, it seems like Piven can do no wrong, partially because he really knows which roles to pick.

Part of knowing what roles to pick is sometimes staying with what works. Ari Gold and Buddy “Aces” Israel may be cool slicksters, but that’s not keeping Piven from hitting other, equally slick characters. His latest is Don Ready, a used car liquidator. That’s right. Ari Gold is going used-car-salesman.

According to Moviehole, Piven will star in The Goods: The Don Ready Story, a comedy being produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions, although neither McKay or Ferrell wrote the script. Instead the story comes from Rick Stempson and Andy Stock, whose only writing credit so far is Gary the Tennis Coach, a Randy Quaid flick hitting theaters early next year. The story for The Goods follows car liquidator Don Ready during a Fourth of July sale as he tries to save his dealership.

The plot is somewhat similar to a couple of other movies, including Robert Zemeckis’s cult classic Used Cars, but I’m still curious to see what Piven can do with the role. If he can pull this one off as awesomely as I expect, he truly will be worthy of being “the man.”